Battlefield Park

The shelter located at Battlefield Park in Sacramento is one area where new additions can be added.

The McLean County Fiscal Court has approved a new agreement with the City of Sacramento concerning Battlefield Park.

Through the agreement, the county will assume some of the financial responsibility over the park. It will also create a Battlefield Park Board.

Electrical, water and sewer services will be divided equally between the county and city. Sacramento must obtain liability and casualty insurance on the properties, with both the city and the county listed as the loss payee. The county will reimburse the city for half of the cost of the insurance.

Sacramento Mayor Betty Howard said the agreement has been in the works for several months.

“There’s so much potential with the battlefield,” said McLean County Judge-Executive Curtis Dame.

The new park board will consist of seven members. Those members include:

• One Commissioner of the City of Sacramento appointed by the mayor;

• Southwest Magistrate of the McLean County Fiscal Court;

• Two citizens of the City of Sacramento appointed by the mayor;

• Two citizens of McLean County appointed by the judge-executive;

• One at-large U.S. resident to be approved by the judge-executive and mayor.

Each board member will serve three years and can be re-nominated for additional terms. The board must meet no less than quarterly.

Dame said he hopes the board will be ready in the middle of September. He said the board was created to keep representation fresh.

“The reason why that’s important is so we don’t get stagnant on ideas, but also involvement,” he said. “The more of the community we get involved with this park board, it will help to grow the personal investment of people to the park.”

Dame said the majority of the park will not change aesthetically because it is protected by “a set of guiding principles from the federal government.” There are approximately two acres at the park that is not protected by the federal government, according to Dame.

“It protects why that park was created over 20 years ago,” he said.

The Battle of Sacramento, which has not occurred for three years, has a group of five to 10 people that are interested in restarting the reenactment once the park board is established.

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