104 Poplar Event Venue is now open in Livermore as a space for events, gatherings and weddings.

Kraig and Beth Kassinger, owners of the venue, opened 104 Poplar in November 2020.

“We really liked the old building,” Kraig said. “A friend of mine owned it for 36 years and used it for storage but then he retired so we bought the building from him. We just always wanted it and thought we would turn it into something the community could use.”

The Kassingers said people have reached out to them and said the venue was something that was needed in Livermore and McLean County.

“I think it offers a way of people getting together and establishing better relationships between the county and community,” Beth said.

The venue is located in the former Old Chair Factory office building.

Kraig said when the venue first opened, business was slow due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

“When we first opened it, I think people were afraid to get out,” he said. “We still had close to 30 people come during our open house.”

According to Beth, the first event they booked at the venue was in February and it is now booked every weekend through part of May.

“I think the biggest difficulty we’ve had through COVID-19 was when we were remodeling and trying to get our materials in on time,” Beth said.

Kraig said they aimed to be open in July of 2020 but due to material delays, the open house date had to be pushed back.

For information about booking, call 270-499-1778 or visit 104poplar.com. Bookings can also be made through their Facebook page at 104 Poplar Event Venue. 104 Poplar can also be reached via email at 104poplarevent@gmail.com. 104 Poplar is located at 104 Poplar Street in Livermore.

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