McLean County has 19 confirmed COVID-19 cases as of Tuesday, May 12, according to the Green River District Health Department. The total number of confirmed cases in GRDHD’s seven-county region is 531.

McLean currently has one individual hospitalized for the virus and the death toll in the county remains at one.

Overall, the region had 10 newly confirmed cases Tuesday and a total of 355 recovered cases, bringing recoveries to 67%. Twenty three individuals in the region are currently hospitalized due to COVID-19.

“The next several weeks as we continue on our phased reopening of business it is absolutely critical everyone is vigilant in protecting themselves and each other from the spread of COVID-19,” said GRDHD public health director Clay Horton.

Governor Andy Beshear said even with the temptation of warm, summer weather soon to roll in, Kentuckians must be resilient and maintain social distancing measures.

“We’re going to get through this together because we’re strong enough, we’re resilient enough,” he said. We’re at the beginning of summer and we all want it to be a normal summer. “But we don’t get a normal summer in the midst of a worldwide health pandemic.”

Dr. Steven Stack, commissioner of the Kentucky Department for Public Health, said while businesses throughout the state have begun gradually reopening, it will not be “business as usual.” He said there will still be some special measures in place to ensure the health and safety of everyone and that summer activities will look different this year.

Stack also said it does not look like the virus will diminish with warmer months like the seasonal flu.

“We were hoping that we might have some diminishment of the disease in the summer months, like with seasonal influenza, but early signs are we may not be able to count on that,” he said.

As of Tuesday, Beshear announced at least 6,853 confirmed cases in Kentucky, 191 of which were newly confirmed. 10 deaths were reported in the state on Tuesday in relation to COVID-19, bringing the total toll to 321 individuals, Beshear said.

At least 2,546 individuals have recovered from the virus so far in Kentucky.

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