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The annual Battle of Sacramento re-enactment event has been canceled for 2020 due to COVID-19. The event was originally rescheduled in May to take place in September.

The annual Battle of Sacramento Re-enactment has been canceled this year due to concerns regarding coronavirus, according to an announcement released by the Battle of Sacramento Board. The re-enactment had previously been rescheduled for September.

The 2020 re-enactment would have marked the City of Sacramento’s 26th year hosting the three-day event. The event had originally been rescheduled to take place Sept. 18-20, which had already been postponed from its original date due to COVID-19. However, the board announced that canceling the event was the only responsible decision it could make.

“Not only are (there) obvious health issues at the forefront for us all, the financial issues are there as well,” the announcement stated. “We look forward to happier and healthier times in the future. We will get past this together and come out stronger.”

The board did not make the decision to cancel lightly, according to the announcement, but with health concerns for re-enactors, vendors, crew and sponsors in mind.

The first Battle of Sacramento re-enactment event was held in 1995, according to board chairman Wendell Miller. And while the event brings around 200-400 visitors each year to the rural town, Miller said it brought out nearly 1,600 spectators in its earlier years.

The main goal of the event, Miller said, was to preserve the town’s history.

“The Confederates technically won here, but it’s not about who won or lost, it’s about preserving our history,” he said. “That’s basically what we’re trying to do.”

McLean County also has many other historical sites that are open to visitors, according to the Battle of Sacramento website, including the Mollie Morehead gravesite in Sacramento, the General Thomas Crittenden Union Headquarters in Calhoun and the Camp Calhoun Union Cemetery.

Area maps are available at the Historical Society and Chamber in Calhoun with a directory of Civil War sites throughout the county.

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