Bed and breakfast added to Barb's Cakes in Beaver Dam

Photo by Barbara Phelps

Barb's Bed and Breakfast officially opened up on Nov. 1. It is located on N Main St. in Beaver Dam at the same location as Barb's Cakes.

Barb’s Cakes owner Barbara Phelps, of Beaver Dam, has opened a bed and breakfast in her former home where her bakery is also attached on North Main Street.

Phelps said she opened Barb’s Bed and Breakfast on Nov. 1 this year and has had a good response from the community, having already booked the entire house for the Thanksgiving weekend and with several bookings in December as well.

I always wanted to try this, so I decided that’s what I was going to do,” Phelps said.

The bed and breakfast has four bedrooms and four bathrooms and offers complimentary breakfast for its guests.

The facility is an addition to the bakery that Phelps has also been operating out of the same home since 2005 when she built it onto the house where she had been living for more than 20 years.

Phelps said she recently moved and decided to use the home as a bed and breakfast, utilizing the space that was already available.

She has been operating her bakery business for about 40 years, even before she moved it to her location on Main Street.

“It was a long time ago. I’ve always loved to bake, and I’ve always liked to make candy, so I just kind of started fooling around with it. I’m self-taught,” she said.

Phelps started by making treats for friends and family, practicing and perfecting her techniques at home. Eventually her she grew it into a bakery and catering business, preparing all of the food, desserts and flower arrangements for events and even offering tuxedo rentals.

While Phelps still operates the bakery, she said everything else started to become too much for her and she had to cut those services out of her business.

Phelps originally moved the bakery to her home to downsize her business, she said she is still “as busy as ever.”

Barb’s Bed and Breakfast is currently available for bookings in December, and Barb’s Cakes will be offering holiday-themed candies and baked goods along with its popular jumbo cupcakes., 270-691-7360

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