Beef and Bacon Custom Processing in Beech Grove caught fire early Tuesday morning. Owner Wesley Spurrier was at the site when the fire started, but suffered only minor injuries and burns.

According to Spurrier’s step-father Tom West, Spurrier arrived at Beef and Bacon around 7 a.m. and smelled gas. He turned the gas off, went inside and turned on the light switch, which was when the fire was ignited, West said.

McLean County Western Fire District and the Beech Grove Volunteer Fire Department were on-site shortly after the fire was ignited, according to McLean County Fire Chief Jimmy VanCleve.

West said the family is thankful nobody else was in the building and that Spurrier was not severely injured.

“Thank god none of the crew that he has … none of them were here because they wouldn’t have known to turn that gas off,” West said.

The fire was mostly extinguished before 11 a.m. with a small section that was still being worked on near the entrance.

“Everybody’s fine. Needless to say, nerves are on edge right now because that was their livelihood, but everything can be rebuilt,” West said.

While Spurrier suffered from burns on his hands and face, West said he is OK.

The building had extensive smoke and fire damage, according to a Beef and Bacon Facebook post. It said more updates will come as the family receives more information.

The cause of the fire has yet to be determined and is still being investigated by the Office of the State Fire Marshal. According to an office spokesperson, the fire marshal’s report is not immediate and the process may take time., 270-691-7360

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