Calhoun recently repaired a major water leak off of Ky. 136, according to Lance Wilson from the McLean County Regional Water Commission. This will be the third major leak repaired for city water lines in recent months.

Wilson said the leak was found at the state garage off of Ky. 136 across from Riverside Care and Rehabilitation Center where another leak was previously repaired. He said the leak was a significant one.

“It was where a previous leak had been repaired and they put a band on that 8-inch line out there and rock and debris — it had gotten loose over time with pipes moving and whatnot. So they put a new band on it and stopped the leak,” he said.

The leak caused a water shut-off for the subdivision off of the highway near McLean County High School while it was under repair.

The leak was found amidst an ongoing effort by the city to locate and repair leaks due to Calhoun’s water and sewage bills being almost double its metered usage, a topic that has been discussed at several city council meetings over the last several months.

Two other leaks were found and repaired in July and September as well — one leaking an estimated 30 gallons per minute, and the other an estimated 70 gallons per minute, according to Calhoun Mayor Ron Coleman.

In November, Calhoun City Council opted for a 50% increase in water and sewage rates to bring the city more in line with rates of other McLean County cities and to help off-set some of the challenges the city has been facing with drastic leaks and resulting high water and sewage bills.

The city has previously stated that discrepancies in the water metering system for Calhoun has also created challenges.

In the council’s November meeting, Coleman said the city is responsible for all of the water to come out of the water plant and portions of that bill are then deducted for the North McLean County, Island, Livermore, and Sacramento, leaving Calhoun responsible for whatever is left over.

McLean County Regional Water Commission voted in its last meeting in December to extend a waterline to the water tank at the Calhoun Cemetery and install a master water meter for the city in the same location. The project is contingent upon funding from residual loan money borrowed to make the water treatment plant operational. The commission must wait on approval from Kentucky Infrastructure Authority to use the extra loan money., 270-691-7360

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