As the McLean County Chamber of Commerce transitions to a new president next month, current chamber president Amanda Dame highlights some of its significant accomplishments in the past year.

March will mark Dame’s last month as the chamber president, a position that will be taken over in April by current first vice president Mark Melloy. Dame said the chamber’s overall goal for the past year was to make members feel like they are getting more value for their chamber memberships.

Dame said the chamber helps to provide a network for local businesses and provide them with necessary resources throughout the year that might be beneficial to them and help them improve.

“I think a benefit is to attend the chamber meetings because we highlight new businesses or things that can help small businesses improve,” she said.

The chamber has also worked throughout the year on its new website to provide information about the chamber and feature each chamber business with a link to its individual website. She said the hope is to eventually have postings for different jobs available in each chamber business as well.

“We worked together as a board and kind of put all of our thoughts together on what we wanted it to look like, so we do have that website available and we’re always constantly looking at it to make changes to it and improve it,” she said.

In the past year, the chamber also organized the first State of the City and County in June, 2019, according to Dame. She said the address helped to bring newly elected officials together in the public spotlight to address their goals during their tenure. She said Melloy hopes to organize the event again this year as well.

Dame said the chamber is constantly looking for new ways to highlight members and add activities that will help engage members and make them feel part of a network in addition to giving them value for their membership.

“It’s a team effort. The board and has worked together to develop ideas … we’ve all kind of worked together and I think next year when we’re all kind of able to get the new board going, I think they’ll do great things too,” she said.

Christie Netherton,, 270-691-7360

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