Clemons to retire as vice president for Academic Affairs at Brescia

Sr. Cheryl Clemons

Sr. Cheryl Clemons will retire from her role as vice president for Academic Affairs at Brescia University. She will continue her role until the end of the year with the associate dean of academics serving as interim vice president starting in January.

While Clemons has worked in her current role for about nine years, she has been with the university much longer, having served as a professor of theology and founded and established the Ministry Formation program, working to educate ministers, according to the Rev. Larry Hostetter, president of Brescia University.

Hostetter said Clemons has been with the university for 21 years. She left the University in 1995 to serve a six-year term as assistant superior of the sisters before coming back in 2010 as the vice president for Academic Affairs.

Clemons' retirement was announced internally at the university in the last several months, according to Hostetter.

"I think she felt like this was a good time," he said. "She had put in a lot of work at Brescia and felt like she had accomplished what she needed to accomplish, and she was at a good transition point to do something next in her ministry."

Hostetter said Clemons will likely go on sabbatical to do further study.

"She's got a whole world of options open to her given her credentials and experience," he said.

Clemons will continue her role until Dec. 31. Associate Academic Dean Jeffrey Barnette will serve as interim vice president starting in January.

"I think so much of the direction Brescia's going in for the future with our new strategic plans and everything that we're doing is to her credit," Hostetter said. "Especially in the development of new programs and always being an advocate for quality.", 270-691-7360

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