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Bob and Sharon Walker strive to give back to their community with the business Computer and Networking Solutions. They have been in business in Calhoun since 2008.

Bob and Sharon Walker, owners of Computer and Networking Solutions in Calhoun, said their goal is to give back to the community they live in. The shop assists small businesses in information technology needs.

The Walkers started their business in 2008 when their son, Kyle Walker, in high school at the time, wanted an after-school job. He started his own computer repair shop in the building, which the Walkers already owned, working three days a week for several hours after school.

For several years, Bob Walker helped his son in the shop while also working for a computer business in Owensboro. Sharon Walker was working in pharmaceutical sales. Both ended up quitting their jobs and opened the business up full-time.

“His mom and I kind of cornered him and said, ‘You can continue doing what you’re doing and be a network engineer and let someone else grow based upon how good you are … or, you can build your own business and just make it a phenomenal thing for yourself’,” Sharon Walker said. “... he was building all this business because he’s just so good at what he does.”

Bob Walker said he’s been working with computers for at least 25 years. He said his mother always bought new technology growing up and got him into working with electronics.

“It’s what he’s done I think since he came out of the womb,” Sharon Walker said.

Sharon Walker said she never thought she would be working with computers, but with a growing business, Bob and Kyle Walker were regularly working outside of the shop and someone had to be in the shop to help customers. Eventually, Bob Walker said, “she’s become quite the technician.”

“Over the phone, we would tell her how to fix computers and she just learned,” he said.

Now, most of what the shop does is commercial work for small businesses, doing just about everything a business needs when it comes to IT work, Bob Walker said, whether it be fixing or setting up computers, printers, emails, servers, network infrastructure or just about anything else their clients need.

Bob Walker said the business has done so well over the years because of its core values and commitment to doing what is best for its clients.

“The way we treat customers is we don’t spend money that we wouldn’t spend ourselves, and so our client retention is very high. We hardly ever lose a customer unless they go out of business,” he said.

Sharon Walker was also recently named a member at large for the McLean County Chamber of Commerce. She said she wanted to get involved so give back to the community she and her family live in.

“We want to work in the county that we live in and we want to support the county that we live in,” she said.

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