McLean County Fiscal Court is in the process of accepting bids for a new inmate contract with other counties. The county currently holds a contract to send McLean inmates to Daviess County.

The contract between McLean and Daviess Counties also includes sending animals caught through McLean County Animal Control to Daviess County shelters. McLean is currently paying $30 per inmate for each night that inmate is held in Daviess County Detention Center.

The court approved a motion from McLean County Judge-Executive Curtis Dame to begin the process of accepting bids for a new contract in its Oct. 7 meeting.

The county already has interest from two other counties, according to Dame. The new contract will not include placing animals in shelters. Instead, animal control will be covered by agreements with other nearby shelters or by reactivating McLean County’s animal shelter for temporary housing until other arrangements are made for the animal.

“We run about 420 animals a year through our service that we provide and so far Molly’s Mutts, which is an animal shelter, has agreed to help get rid of those animals once we pick them up,” Dame said. “We’re also working with Hopkins County Humane Society. They have about 26 other shelters to take our animals to.”

Molly’s Mutts Animal Shelter is located in Dixon and has agreed to accept animals from McLean County at no cost.

The court plans to discuss new bids at the Nov. 12 fiscal court meeting. Any new contract made will continue to be priced on a per inmate, per night basis. Dame said although the court is taking new bids, it is not certain a new contract will be made. If the county is not able to find a cheaper option, he said it will likely continue its contract with Daviess County.

Christie Netherton,, 270-691-7360

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