County receives $111K in discretionary transportation funding

Leachman Schoolhouse Road in Calhoun is pictured.

McLean County received $111,825 in discretionary transportation funding from the state to provide maintenance on three roads.

A total of $37,800 will go to resurfacing North Canal Street in Rumsey, $25,200 will go to resurfacing Morris Road in Island and $48,825 will go to patching Leachman Schoolhouse Road in Calhoun.

McLean County Judge-Executive Curtis Dame said work on these roads should begin in mid- to late-August.

“We should have these projects completed by this winter,” Dame said.

McLean County is one of two counties in District Two that received funding this round along with Hopkins County.

“We’ve been really fortunate,” Dame said. “It’s really helping us to get a lot of paving projects completed.”

According to Dame, there is a 10 point selection process in choosing which roads need work the most.

“I try to drive around the county, as well as the magistrates and [McLean County Road Department Supervisor] David Lynn and find roads that are in poor conditions,” he said. “Then the state will come and do their own self-certification of the roads.”

The three roads that were chosen for work during this round of funding fell in category nine or category 10, which deems them in poor condition.

“At the end of the day, all of this money that we’re getting is a good indication that our employees are working really hard,” Dame said.

Dame said the county is working on expanding the selection system to be more equitable.

In total, there are 177 projects funded by the $11.8 million that include resurfacing, patching, sealing, storm drain work, slip repair and a connector road for economic development, according to the office of Gov. Andy Beshear. The 177 projects stretch across 33 counties and 13 cities.

“It’s a really good program and I’m really thankful we were able to receive these funds because it’s going to allow us to do quite a bit more paving than what we anticipated because we didn’t have any of this funding in the budget for this year,” Dame said.

Dame said the discretionary funding will help free up funds to begin looking at other road projects. He said the county plans to continue to apply for discretionary transportation funding in the future.

Scotty’s Contracting and Stone in Bowling Green won the bid to work on the roads in August.

“These are the types of projects that make a positive difference in Kentuckians daily lives,” said Kentucky Transportation Cabinet Secretary Jim Gray. “I’m excited to see them completed and for many of our local streets and roads to be safer and easier to travel.”

Beshear said one way to “build a better Kentucky” is by making streets and roads better.

“This funding enables 46 cities and counties to upgrade pavements and improve local transportation infrastructure, which will directly benefit Kentuckians in these communities,” he said.

So far in 2021, Beshear has invested $17.3 million in local infrastructure and $33.2 million since January 2020, according to Beshear’s office.

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