McLean County was granted $59,850 on April 20 from Kentucky to resurface Patterson Road in Sacramento. The money comes from Gov. Andy Beshear’s $5 million transportation investment. McLean County is one of 32 counties and cities to receive funding for road and infrastructure repairs.

“For us, we submitted around $178,000 worth of resurfacing projects and there’s a scoring criteria that the state uses,” said McLean County Judge-Executive Curtis Dame. “We sent in a few roads but Patterson Road was selected for this program.”

Dame said not every county in the region received the discretionary funds this time because of COVID-19.

“For a while, there was a decline in gas receipts when no one was driving and that indirectly goes into the formula that helps to attribute funds to this program,” Dame said. “We are excited to get the funds because not every county received these funds. We are fortunate.”

According to Dame, the county will also receive around $800,000 worth of county road aid, which is an increase. The aid is the general road department fund to help pave roads and pay for employees.

Dame said Patterson Road was selected for McLean County because the shape the road is in.

“The state department of transportation sends out their own representatives to look at the road and determine if it qualifies,” he said. “Based on the scoring criteria, it ranked high.”

The beginning of the repaving depends on the contractor, according to Dame. He said it could begin around August.

“Better roads make for a better Kentucky,” Beshear said. “This infusion will improve the safety of routes Kentuckians rely on daily to stay connected within their communities. It will also fund new roadways to improve access and mobility.”

SENIOR CENTER TIMELINE UPDATESDame said the county has conducted requests for qualifications from architect firms for the rebuilding of the Home Place senior center that burned down in a Dec. 9, 2020 fire.

Three architects have submitted qualifications to the county, Dame said.

There is a list of federal criteria the firms must meet to be selected for the project. Experience and qualification is worth 35 points; past performance is worth 25 points; capacity for performance is 25 points; familiarity with the location and project is worth 5 points; location and proximity to the project is 5 points; and the women and minority firms are 5 points.

Dame said he has formed a tentative committee composed of himself, a magistrate and the director of the senior center. He plans to select a mayor or city council member from the county and one senior citizen to join the committee.

The location for the building has not been decided on yet. Dame said they want to get the opinion of the architect before choosing the official location.

He said he plans to have the committee formed by next week and the tentative date for the firm selection is May 7.

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