The McLean County Fiscal Court released an informational letter to residents last week regarding the stimulus package passed by the federal government. The package would serve to provide economic relief to those affected by the novel Coronavirus, according to the letter.

The $2 trillion Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security Act, or CARES, would provide $1,200 payments to adults with an adjusted income up to $75,000, according to the letter.

An additional $500 will also be doled out per each child within a household under the age of 17.

For those with adjusted incomes above $75,000, payouts will be reduced. Those with adjusted incomes of $99,000 or more are not eligible for payouts.

The Internal Revenue Service will retrieve necessary financial information from 2019 tax returns or 2018 returns for those who have not filed for 2019 yet. The IRS will retrieve data from the Social Security Administration for residents that receive social security benefits, the letter stated.

“For Americans who have yet to file their 2019 income taxes, the rebates will need to be based on their 2018 income levels. That means that they could be subject to adjustment once people finally file 2019 taxes,” the letter said.

Payments will be available for direct deposit or a mailed check.

The Kentucky Education and Workforce Development Cabinet are also working on hiring more staff to accommodate the large influx of Kentuckians who are filing for unemployment insurance, according to a press release from the office of Gov. Andy Beshear.

According to EWDCD Deputy Secretary Josh Benton, the cabinet is increasing employees from 12 to 1,200 potentially to take calls.

The cabinet is also trying to limit denial letters being sent out and said those who receive one should ignore.

Christie Netherton,, 270-691-7360

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