The McLean County Fiscal Court met last Wednesday and heard presentations on two upcoming projects.

McLean County Ag Agent David Fourqurean came to the meeting to update the Court on a project at Myer Creek Park and obtain permission to begin doing dirt work. He said they'd like to build a 40 by 40 barn onto the existing open barn. This is part of a larger, $80,000 investment into Myer Creek Park through a Department of Agriculture grant to upgrade the existing building that is already there. That building will be insulated and have heating and air conditioning. Fourqurean told the Court that these utilities would not put a burden on the county.

"At no time do we want the Fiscal Court or the county to incur those added costs of the air conditioning and heat," said Fourqurean. "It won't be running unless someone is actually using the facility. Those costs will be added to the rental fee. That fee is collected by the 4-H council, and it goes back into the park for upgrades and maintenance."

The Court voted in favor of allowing the dirt work to begin.

Sonny Renfrow came to speak to the court on behalf of the Livermore Enhancement Foundation. He said that the Foundation has applied for Kentucky Trail Town status, and one of the things in their proposal is a trail system. They're proposing three different versions of a bicycle trail that range in difficulty from beginner to expert.

"The real purpose of this is to help ty to identify opportunities for tourism," said Renfrow.

The bicycle trail would intersect with the National Bicycle Trail, which touches McLean County at Route 140 and 815. Renfrow said that the purpose of his visit to this meeting was to bring awareness about the project to the members of the Court. He requested to return at the June meeting to discuss it in more detail.

"We think it's a great opportunity for the county, and if we can do it without expending a lot of resources, it may bring a lot of revenue our way," said Renfrow.

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