McLean County Judge-Executive Kelly Thurman says he intends to bring a recommendation to Fiscal Court on Friday on an issue involving two counties and the future of area inmates and stray animals.

The court tabled a measure to renew the county’s memorandum of agreement with Daviess County late last month concerning use of the Daviess County Detention Center and county animal shelter.

Several officials spoke out specifically against the jail side of that contract in a regularly scheduled meeting, leading county lawmakers to table the issue until further negotiations could take place.

Although McLean County does not operate its own detention facility, its jailer, Mike “Red” Sallee, told the court he was tired of dealing with a string of organizational and mistreatment issues at the Daviess County jail. Circuit Court Clerk Stephanie King-Logsdon also cited poor communication in her dealings with the facility and both told the court they would like to see the service be moved to Muhlenberg County to the south.

Both Daviess County Jailer David Osborne and Judge-Executive Al Mattingly denied claims that the jail in Owensboro mistreats McLean County inmates and said issues with communication have been rare. They said they would like to continue providing the county’s animal shelter and inmate services, but that McLean Fiscal Court would have to decide what it thinks is best for the county.

That decision could come Friday, as Thurman said negotiations with both Osborne and Mattingly as well as Muhlenberg County Jailer Mark Curry and Judge-Executive Rick Newman were productive.

Thurman would not go into great detail about what he will tell Fiscal Court on Friday, but said he looks forward to continuing positive working relationships with both counties in the future. He said he and County Attorney Josh Searcy have at least considered the possibility of reopening McLean County’s own animal shelter.

The Daviess County contract, which included both jail and animal shelter services, technically expired at the end of 2015, but Thurman said standing agreements have held the county over at least until now.

The court will meet at 9 a.m. in a special-called meeting at the courthouse. 

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