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McLean Judge-Executive Curtis Dame announced last Thursday that two positive novel Coronavirus cases have been reported in McLean County, then two on Saturday. The cases are the first positive ones to be reported in the county.

Dame took to Facebook to make the announcements via a live-streamed videos. One of the cases, he said, resulted in a McLean County women passing away.

“Today ends our stint as a county with zero Coronavirus cases. On Wednesday April first, the Green River District Health Department informed my office of two confirmed COVID-19 cases here in McLean County,” he said. “I would ask you to keep them in your thoughts and prayers during their struggle with this virus and, hopefully, a speedy recovery.”

The identities of the individuals will not be released for privacy reasons, Dame said. However, he said GRHD will interview each person who has been tested positive for the virus to determine where they have gone and whom they have been in physical contact with during the incubation period for the virus. Those places and individuals will then be contacted and recommended to self-quarantine in case they have been infected or are carriers of the virus.

Dame also announced that the county will temporarily lift restrictions on large items taken to the county transfer site. However, he recommends not bringing extra people along and practicing social distancing measures while at the site.

Additionally, he said the judge-executive’s office will actively assist local non-profit organizations in donating food and supplies to those in need in the county during the pandemic.

“In my opinion, it’s an absolute necessary service for those that need this nourishment at this time.”

Anyone in need of food or supplies, or anyone who knows someone in need of items can contact the judge executive’s office at 270-273-3213.

As of Tuesday, Beshear said there are 1,149 COVID-19 cases in Kentucky. Seven new deaths were reported, bringing the total toll to 65 in the state.

“While this is a large number, and it is, we still don’t see the numbers going the same way in Kentucky as in so many other places,” Beshear said. “The loss of these seven Kentuckians is a loss to all of us across Kentucky … It ought to make us recommit to doing the things it takes to lose fewer and fewer Kentuckians every chance we get.”

Dame said Kentucky would be proud of the state’s efforts in combating the virus, which has created a smaller curve in the state than in other areas.

Christie Netherton,, 270-691-7360

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