Galloway Farm & Auto Repair : a family endeavor since 2015

Photo by Bobbie Hayse | McLean County News The Galloway family stands outside of their auto mechanic shop in Beech Grove. From right, they are Tyler, 18, Bruce, Sarah, and Trent, 13.

Bruce Galloway said interacting with his customers are what he enjoys most about his auto mechanic business.

Galloway, who owns along with his wife Galloway Farm & Auto Repair in Beech Grove, opened the shop in 2015. Before that, he taught for a few years at an auto technician at Madisonville Community College after working as a road service technician.

"I was a road service technician since 1996, but I got tired of being gone all the time," Galloway said, adding that with the support of his wife, Sarah, he decided to teach, and eventually open up his own shop.

The Galloways have been full-time with their farm and auto business since 2018. They can do work on any vehicle, from a car to a tractor, and everything in between.

"Bruce is blessed to do diesel and gas engines," Sarah Galloway said. "He has a big knowledge."

The Galloways also have two sons who help around the shop when they can. Tyler, 18, graduated high school in May and said he plans to be a part of the family business. Trent, 13, helps organize and complete a lot of the office work.

"I will probably help in the shop, but I do have some other ideas," Tyler Galloway said.

His mother added that she always tells him that it's never too late to make a change, as his father opened up his own business later in life and they have had success.

Sarah Galloway said they often work on first-responder vehicles in the area, which means a lot to them because they like giving back to the community as much as they can.

"A lot of our business is out of the county," she said, with customers coming from as far away as Nashville, Tennessee, and Rockport, Indiana, and area counties like Muhlenberg and Ohio. "That means a lot to us, so we want to make sure we take care of them if we can."

It's that service and support that garnered their shop a platinum achievement award from Jasper Engines & Transmissions, and a ranking of 135 out of 41,000 shops nationwide who use the Jasper products. They received a silver achievement award from Jasper in 2017.

The Galloways greet their customers with a smile and try to assist in any way they can.

"We enjoy the interaction with the community," Bruce Galloway said. "It's what's made this thing. If it wasn't for the support of the community we wouldn't be anywhere near where we are."

The shop started with one, small building, and it has since grown to be several. The largest building is attached to the shop office where the Galloways -- and their door greeter Shop Cat One, a yellow tabby that showed up a year ago and stuck around -- greet their customers.

"We have a great customer base," Bruce Galloway said. "And we really appreciate it."

For more information about the Galloways visit their Facebook page, or call or text 270-499-0801.

Bobbie Hayse,, 270-691-7315.

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