The Home Builders Association of Owensboro will showcase properties and services this weekend to potential buyers and anyone looking to update and remodel their own homes.

HBAO will host its annual Fall Tour of Homes from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. Saturday, Oct. 26, and Sunday. The tour will feature 17 homes and properties, mostly in Owensboro, with one in Philpot and one in Calhoun.

The association, made up of 50 local builders and suppliers, puts on the Fall Tour every year for one weekend in October along with the Parade of Homes tour in June.

According to HBAO Executive Officer Richard Stallings, the Fall Tour will be a mixture of homes for sale, homes that have been custom-built for buyers, model homes, remodeled homes and building sites where new homes and neighborhoods are being developed.

Stallings said while not all of the homes on the tour are for sale, the tour is "a chance for the builders and remodelers to showcase their services and the products that they develop and build."

The tour is an opportunity for the public to look for ideas in building or remodeling homes and to speak with local people that can help determine the best route for each individual, according to Stallings.

"Most homeowners are looking to decide whether or not they want to build or remodel," he said. "It gives customers a chance to talk to builders and maybe plan their future project."

Stallings said with new innovations in energy efficiency in lighting, heating and cooling, some people may want to update their homes. Others, he said, such as young couples, might be more concerned with having plenty of room for a growing family.

"Homes are a very personal thing … there are different needs, obviously, depending on the individual, and I think that's the beauty of it is there's a variety out there," he said. "There's not any one thing. It's just a combination of many that homeowners look for. The advantage is the builder can accommodate those individual needs."

For locations of homes on the tour, see page 5C of today's Messenger-Inquirer or visit the HBAO website at, 270-691-7360

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