Island's Mylke Coffee to start offering single-serve cold brew

Mylke owner Shane Case stands in front of his store, which opened in 2017. Mylke cold brew will be on shelves at local convenience store in upcoming weeks.

Island’s Mylke Coffee, owned by Shane Case, is in the final stages of preparing its single-serve cold brew bottles to be sold in local convenience stores, as well as at Niko’s Bakery and Cafe in Owensboro.

Finalizing the cold brew bottling process has been Mylke’s biggest project recently, according to Case. He said Niko’s should have the new product for sale sometime next week.

“We’re going to have single serve cold brews to go to gas stations and stuff like that,” Case said. “The bottling process for the cold brew has been taking up everything I’ve got going right now … that’s what we started this summer.”

Case said he has been working on putting the bottles on shelves in local convenience stores and gas stations in McLean County too, including the Big Oak store, which already sells Mylke coffee products.

Being able to bottle cold brew to sell was one of the first concepts Case said he wanted to bring to fruition for the company and has been working to make that happen all summer.

“It was actually one of the first things … when we opened here … we decided to open the doors and just start selling out the front,” Case said. “It was like 100 degrees outside that first Saturday and I had the coffee in the pots. But it’s 100 degrees outside, so who wants hot coffee, so I was like 'I’ll do a cold brew.'”

Case said the cold brew mixed with Mylke’s homemade creamer became an instant favorite with his customers, but he has not had a way to sell it up until now.

Case said that while his homemade creamer has also become popular, he does not have a way of storing and distributing it since it’s a fresh dairy product and has a very limited shelf life.

Mylke is also working on narrowing its coffee selections, according to Case. He said the business currently has about 10 coffee roasts, which will be narrowed down in the upcoming year now that he has started finding out what sells best and what doesn’t.

Mylke cold brew should start hitting shelves in upcoming weeks, according to Case. He said Mylke customers should start seeing some other changes in the company in the upcoming year as well., 270-691-7360

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