McLean County Middle School’s Young Leaders in Action group, along with McLean 4-H are planning a 5K at Myer Creek Park to help raise funds for the park’s sewer line project.

Eighth grade teacher Christin Crabtree approached the Myer Creek Park board about hosting the event at the board’s regular meeting on Monday.She said the group’s efforts are a part of “Project Citizen.” Five eighth graders have been charged with finding a problem in the community, come up with solutions and then create an action pan to put their solutions to the test.

The students, she said, really love Myer Creek Park and want to see it grow. After speaking with Judge-Executive Curtis Dame to learn about some of the park’s needs, they decided to try and raise money to fund the park’s project to put a sewer line in at the bathrooms.

“Their public policy is that they are going to create revenue for Myer Creek to help pay for the restrooms,” Crabtree said. “That was one of the biggest issues is that we can’t really have concerts, or an amphitheater, or a lot of big events there because … there’s issues with the bathrooms there and there’s not enough of them.”

Getting proper plumbing and sewer lines in the park and building more bathrooms has been an ongoing topic of discussion at park board meetings for several months now.

The park currently pays to have a septic tank serviced, which costs more a year than the estimated cost to fix the plumbing and add a sewage line, according to Chairman Bruce Cabbage. He estimated the cost for the project to be at least around $20,000, but the board will still have to put it up for bid before receiving a more accurate estimate.

The Young Leaders in Action group, along with the help and sponsorship of McLean County 4-H decided to help the park’s efforts by organizing a 5K at the park. All proceeds will go to the park to help fund the bathroom and sewer line project.

Crabtree said students just want to see Myer Creek become “bigger than what it is and help bring in revenue for the park.”

“The money that they raise, we obviously don’t care what it goes to as long as it goes back to the park. We just want to see the park become something great,” Crabtree said.

The 5K is scheduled to take place at Myer Creek on Saturday, March 7 at $25 per runner. Registration is at 7:30 a.m. and the race will start at 8 a.m., 270-691-7360

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