Knott to open new Livermore grocery store next week

Photo submitted by Cameron Knott

Cameron Knott, far right, stands with his wife and children in front of the soon to open Cameron' Foodliner's in Livermore.

Cameron Knott, the owner of Cameron's Foodliner's in Sacramento, is almost ready to open his second store in Livermore in the former IGA building on U.S. 431.

Knott said he bought the building early this year and has been busily working to get it fixed up and ready to open sometime next week. He said the store should be ready to open either Wednesday or Thursday.

"I'm shooting for Wednesday, but there are so many different things riding on this. It could be … Thursday. The middle of next week is what I'm aiming for," Knott said.

He said the project just fell into his lap early this year. He originally tried to get the building when it went up for auction following the closure of IGA more than a year ago, but it didn't work out. However, the new owner contacted him shortly after and was interested in selling the building.

"It was one of those things that a chain of events just took place and … I was just meant to have it," Knott said.

Some of the biggest hurdles he had to get through were fixing up the shelves and installing new ones, which took about three weeks. Then, he said the floors were another big job that took a while to complete.

"The whole process of trying to figure out what to do with the floors and getting it done probably took like three months … it took a lot more time just trying to educate myself to make the right decisions," he said.

Knott currently owns the soon to open Livermore store along with his store in Sacramento that has been in operation for 15 years. He also does farming, raises corn and tobacco, and helps his father with construction and repairs on his rental properties.

Knott said he will announce the store's official opening on the Cameron's Foodliner's Facebook page., 270-691-7360

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