In a press conference, Gov. Andy Beshear ordered all Kentucky restaurants to discontinue dine-in services by 5 p.m. Monday evening to combat the spread of COVID-19. Several locally owned restaurants in McLean county said the temporary order will severely affect the business and its employees.

Some restaurants already equipped with efficient carry-out or delivery options will not suffer from setbacks as much as others, such as Island’s Bridge View Pizzeria.

Pizzeria owner Mischele Hill said the restaurant had just begun its delivery service on Monday when the announcement was made by Beshear. She said the restaurant stayed busy throughout the day Monday as well.

“We were very fortunate for that, but yes, we are still delivering and open to carry-out,” Hill said. “We’ve been busy all morning, so I don’t look for it to affect us really. As far as the dining in, we have several that dine in, but I think a lot of it is we have more carry-out than we do dine-in.”

She said since the restaurant is also operated by family members, it is also not experiencing significant lay-offs like other restaurants either.

Other restaurants with a full staff and no delivery services in place, however, are not doing as well with the temporary changes.

Farley’s in Calhoun announced on Facebook Monday that it would close early and would not be offering pick-up options at this time. The popular restaurant was closed on Tuesday and said in a Facebook announcement that staff would consider other ways to stay open and keep employees while also following Beshear’s guidelines.

Farmhouse co-owner Marsha Layton said the change has significantly affected the Calhoun restaurant and she has terminated numerous staff members, leaving her with only three or four employees for the time being.

While terminated employees are able to file for unemployment, Layton said a lot of her staff are college students and part-time employees, who are ineligible for unemployment.

“Of course it has affected us,” she said.

Layton said, although the restaurant is offering a curbside pick-up option, the restaurant has experienced a significant decline in business.

Farmhouse also plans to start offering limited delivery in the Calhoun area with a couple hours in the morning and evening, Layton said.

Christie Netherton,, 270-691-7360

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