The McLean County Board of Education has chosen to adopt a new state policy giving school board members a raise, though not to the detriment of its budget.

Previously board members were making $75 per board meeting, which capped at $3,000 a year. Now they will be making $150 per board meeting, and the new cap is $6,000 a year, according to KRS 160.280, which went into effect July 1 of this year.

McLean County Public Schools Superintendent Tommy Burrough said board members could choose not to adopt the new law, but that board members don't take on their roles for the money.

"They go into it for the love of the kids," he said. "They do a lot, and they deserve it. (Board members) gave district employees a 2% raise, and the state gave (board members) a raise, and why should they not?"

McLean school board members made sure during a recent board luncheon that these these pay bumps for themselves would not impact their budget negatively before they chose to accept the change.

Joyce Sutton asked how this would effect the district budget, and MCPS

see members/page a2

chief finance officer David Stokes told her the district has plenty budgeted for board members, even with this raise enacted.

"It won't take aware from the kids?" asked board member Angie Bumpus, and Stokes told her it would not.

In other school board news:

• Board members also approved raising school lunches for students to $2.90, which is up 10 cents from last year, per state recommendations based on rising costs of food and supplies.

• Ashley Troutman, assistant superintendent of student services, updated board members about the completed Sacramento Elementary School roof project, which finished under budget. Original estimated cost was $227,000, and the final cost was $208,575.98. Stokes said the residual amount will be applied toward future projects.

• Board members honored retirees this year at their last board meeting. Those retirees were Jon Farley, Patricia Conrad, and Phyllis Igleheart, Mary Jane Hayes, Debra Boyken-Payne, and Joy Pannell.

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