The McLean County Sheriff’s Office is warning county residents about recent spam phone calls. Sheriff Ken Frizzell alerted residents on Facebook about calls being made from the department’s phone number stating the call recipient has a warrant and requesting bank information.

“We do not call if someone has a warrant,” the post stated. “We make that notification in person as an arrest is being made. There is no need to contact our office if you receive one of these calls because the culprits are most likely in another county.”

Frizzell said it is important for residents to still answer phone calls from the department, but they will not be alerting of a warrant or requesting payment over the phone.

“The unfortunate side is that our agency can’t even really investigate those calls because it’s all done through the internet,” he said. “Sometimes it’s not even someone in our area or even in our country that’s [calling].”

If a McLean County resident has received a spam phone call and given out personal information, Frizzell said for the resident to file a complaint on the Internet Crime Complaint Center website at

“They want people who are victims to report it directly to them,” Frizzell said.

He said if any resident is unsure about whether or not a call they have received is a scam to “err on the side of caution.”

“Don’t give out your personal information over the phone,” he said. “The IRS does not contact you by phone. They will make contact through the mail. Ignore it or tell them to send you something through the mail.”

Frizzell said it is also a good idea to look up the phone number of possible scam calls or call back to see if the phone number is still active.

For more information about scam calls, contact MCSO at 270-273-3276.

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