Melloy selected for November Democrat ballot

Earl Melloy

Earl Melloy has been selected by the McLean County Democrat Executive Committee as the Democrat candidate for judge-executive in the November special election.

Melloy has had a 34-year career in education, including serving as the Superintendent of McLean County Public Schools for nearly 10 years. He also worked for Owensboro Health and the Daviess County school system.

Melloy says that almost immediately after the resignation of former Judge-Executive Mike Burden he had people asking him to consider.

"They felt like I was a known commodity and could provide service and leadership in the direction the county needs," said Melloy.

"When we looked at our six good candidates, Earl's background and skill set jumped out," said Mary Atherton, chariman of the McLean County Democrats in a release. "Earl is just what we need at this critical point. He's the right candidate at the right time."

Ron Coleman, vice chairman of McLean County Democrats said they plan to get behind Melloy fully.

"I think the interest in this election speaks well for Democrats," said Coleman in a release. "We're energized and highly motivated to help Earl win this election. We need his experience."

Melloy said that he feels the county needs to attract new revenue, such and industry and businesses, into McLean County. He also believes Myer Creek Park to be a "diamond in the rough," but says that finances must be solidified before projects can be undertaken.

"You can't spend money you don't have, and you need to know how much you've got before you start making a plan," said Melloy.

Gov. Matt Bevin appointed Edward West as McLean County's judge-executive earlier this month until the special election in November. Local Republicans will also pick a candidate for the ballot this November.

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