Myer Creek Archers to hold a bonus shoot to kick off hunting season

Myers Creek Archers secretary Jennifer Warner, and treasurer Penny Tewmey stand in front of the archery clubhouse. The archery club was established in McLean County in 2007.

Myer Creek Archers will host a bonus shoot for members of the community to get in some extra archery practice for the upcoming hunting season.

The shoot will take place on Saturday and Sunday, Sept. 7-8, at Myer Creek Park in Calhoun.

The archery club’s shooting season typically lasts from February to August. Their final shoot of the season was on Aug. 17 and 18.

“We named it our appreciation day as well because we wanted to thank all of our archers throughout the year that came and supported us,” said Penny Tewmey, treasurer of the Myer Creek Archers Club.

Tewmey said that the club hosted 72 shooters for the week and provided food and refreshments for archers and even had a bouncy house for kids.

“We just wanted to make it a family event...all of our events are family-oriented,” Tewmey said.

Tewmey said that while the extra September shoot was not listed on its 2019 schedule, they decided to add it on after reaching out to the club members on whether they would like to participate.

“We had asked throughout the year if they would be interested in a September shoot. We normally don’t do September because it’s the start of deer season and in the past, people have said we wouldn’t have good numbers at our shoots,” Tewmey said. “However, when we asked everybody, they were more than happy to do a September shoot.”

The bonus shoot will be from 7 a.m. to 2 p.m. at Myer Creek Park and will be added to future archery schedules starting in the 2020 season. All proceeds from shoots go toward maintenance and purchasing of new targets and equipment for the archery course, as well as purchasing prizes for each shoot. A check also will be donated to the county at the end of the year, according to Tewmey.

The club also works with the schools throughout the season, allowing sports teams and clubs to sell concessions during shoots and letting students work volunteer hours that will go toward their high school diplomas.

“We’re always looking to see what we can get involved in as an archery club,” said Tewmey.

While the archery season has officially ended this year, the Myer Creek Archers Board will be using the winter months to plan the 2020 season schedule. The board will vote on board members during their November meeting and will also discuss plans for a Myer Creek Archers float in the Christmas Parade.

Tewmey said that the club also offers basic training and lessons for young children and beginners to teach techniques and safety, and will walk them through the course for free.

“We want parents to know it’s a place where you can raise your whole family in...not just leave the wife and kids at home,” said Tewmey.

The club will begin to gear up for their 2020 season in January with the first shoot of the season in February.

Yearly archery club memberships are $25 for a single person and $40 for families. Individual shoots for a 30 target course is $15 for adults, $7 for youth and free for children 11 and under., 270-691-7360

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