Mylke Coffee Company provides craft coffee to businesses

Mylke Coffee Company owner Shane Case is pictured preparing coffee to be roasted.

Mylke Coffee Company in Island has been offering craft coffee to businesses throughout the state and in the local area since 2017.

Owner Shane Case said he began drinking fresh craft coffee and couldn’t find a local coffee roaster in the area and it was something he couldn’t do on his own so he decided to open a business.

“I distribute to coffee shops and a few retail outlets,” he said. “This year we started kegging cold brews to put in restaurants and private parties.”

Case said he only distributes to one business in McLean County, but also distributes to companies throughout the state and part of Indiana. Mylke’s farthest location it services is Louisville and Case said he is going to begin looking into Nashville, Tennessee.

“I buy the beans from farmers that are in other countries and bring it over and roast it and package it,” he said. “We aim for quality of product compared to quality of price.”

Case said he pushes Columbian coffee more because it’s a common bean, but his most unique coffee is a line of Honduran coffee. Two of the Honduran coffee beans he roasts are more tea like and sweeter.

“In this area, it’s kind of unique because nobody really knows what goes into coffee roasting,” he said. “People are starting to become more educated about it. When I first started, all people thought I did was just grind coffee here and they didn’t realize that when the coffee comes in, it’s green, it’s not brown. It has to be roasted to turn brown.”

Case said another interesting note about coffee roasting that people aren’t always aware of is the darker the coffee, the less caffeination.

“People assume that I live and breathe coffee, but I like to sleep so I can’t drink it all the time,” he said.

Case has a basic line he sells at Camron’s Foodliner but for more custom coffee, residents can place an order through the Mylke website.

Mylke is located at 269 Adams Avenue in Island. To place an order, call 270-977-6955.

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