The McLean County Senior Center, located at 875 Walnut Street in Calhoun, invited other counties to its facility last week to celebrate Older Americans Month.

Union, Henderson, Webster, Daviess, Hancock, Ohio and McLean Counties visit each other's senior centers throughout the month of may, each selecting a theme for their event.The theme in McLean County this year was the roaring 20s, and guests could enjoy live jazz music, food, dancing and fellowship. A contest was also held to determine the best dressed.

"This year, I wanted them to be wowed when they walked in," said Director Scott Settle. "They were."

Any type of dancing is always a big hit at the senior center, too.

"Our seniors love to dance," said Program Supporter Daniel Miller. "We have a dance about every month."

Settle said that the main purpose of this coming together of counties is to give seniors a chance to fellowship with seniors from other areas, let them see how other senior centers operate and keep them active.

"They get to visit not only the other centers to see how they operate, but they see people they haven't seen in years… It gets people out of the house and keeps them active," said Settle. "If they go home and sit down, it's not good. They need to be active."

Promoting activity is one of the main functions of the senior center. They also deliver meals to approximately 40 people across the county, but that serves as much more than a meal delivery service.

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"We have to see that person before we can deliver the meal," said Settle. "There's a wellness check there too."

Every day, five days a week, the senior center serves dinner to 25 to 50 people. They also offer a variety of classes and activities. They even help facilitate getting the seniors there.

"If we have seniors here in the county that want to come to the center but don't have a way to get here, we go pick them up," said Miller.

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