Owensboro artist completes second Island mural

The newest Island mural is a replica of the old one-room schoolhouse in the city on the corners of Old Livermore-Island Road, School Street and West Main Street.

Owensboro artist and owner of Go Big Time Art Steve Lane completed his second mural for the City of Island.

The mural, located on the corners of Old Livermore-Island Road, School Street and West Main Street, is a replica of the old Island one-room schoolhouse building. Lane said the mural took him a month to complete. He said his favorite murals to paint are historical ones and ones in black and white.

Lane’s first mural was in 2017 and it is located on the corner of West Main Street and North First Street in Island. The mural is of the Historic Island Station.

“I just stumbled across this,” Lane said. “I never knew how to make money with my art and I never thought I could.”

Lane’s portfolio consists of murals in Reo, Indiana, Madisonville, Henderson, Owensboro and Earlington, as well as smaller scale murals. Along with these two public murals, Lane has worked with Mylke Ltd, Bobby Veach Field and a private resident’s garage in Livermore.

Lane served 17 years in prison and began tinkering with art while he was there to send to loved ones.

“I used to take these cards and make miniature paintings and glue them on cardstock and send them to my family to show I was thinking about them and that I loved them,” he said.

According to Lane, the chaplain at the prison invited Louisville artist Carol Jackson Powell to instruct volunteers in painting murals.

“Wardens from other prisons saw the mural and they wanted one and Carol quoted them a price but they told her they couldn’t do that,” he said. “So she told them, ‘Well, you’ve got Steve Lane’ and then they started transporting me to different prisons.”

Lane said he didn’t know what he was going to do when he got out of prison because he would be 59 with a felony record.

“It’s a gift the good Lord gives you,” Lane said.

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