QC Supply continuing local service to farmers

Photo by Christie Netherton

Regional operations and sales manager Chris Nelson stands in front of QC Supply in Livermore. The company, formerly Advanced Feeding Systems was bought by QC Supply in 2018.

Despite the change in name, QC Supply, which was formerly Advanced Feeding Systems, wants the community to know that the company is still offering the same services provided by the same local team.

QC Supply bought out the Advanced Feeding Systems location in 2018. The original company was established in 1994 and has been a large part of the McLean County agricultural community, providing livestock confinement buildings for more than 20 years, according to regional operations and sales manager Chris Nelson.

Outside of being able to provide more resources to its customers and consolidating the Utica services into the new Livermore facility on U.S. 431, Nelson said there will be hardly any change under the new company.

"The only thing that's going to change here, and we keep trying to make sure this message gets out to the community, is we'll still do all of the things we've always done, but by being part of QC Supply, we're going to be able to offer some things that we didn't have access to before," Nelson said.

The Livermore location is one of approximately 31 other QC Supply locations. The facility has about 30 employees, more than another location outside of the main corporate facility in Nebraska, according to Nelson.

Most of the positions available at the company offer on-the-job training and do not require any pre-requisite licenses or training, Nelson said. The facility utilizes several different departments, including electricians, concrete workers, framers, truck drivers and a sales staff.

Nelson said many of its customers are poultry farmers in the community.

"Poultry farming has become one of the main industries in our community, and those are one of our main customers, that's who we support the most," he said.

Nelson said the company, both the original Advanced Feeding Systems and under QC Supply, has been an active member of the McLean County Chamber of Commerce since he can remember and has even won business of the year in the past under the original owners.

He said the facility is an important part of the community and is well-known to residents.

"I think most of the community knows who we are," Nelson said. "The name change has probably thrown a few people off. We just want to make sure people will understand it's the same Advanced Feeding Systems team that they had dealt with for years."

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