Rangers shooting for charity

Photo by Seth Dukes, McLean County News

Rich Greenwell takes a shot during the first day of competition at the Sterling Boiler’s Annual Santa Clothes Club Sporting Clay Tournament last weekend.

Rangers Gun Club hosted the Sterling Boiler's Annual Santa Clothes Club Sporting Clay Tournament last weekend.

Tim Jewell, who owns the club with his father, said that turnout this year was lower than it usually is.

"The weather hurt us; we didn't have nearly as many," said Jewell. "The threat of rain kind of cut into it."

Teams of five shooters shot 100 targets, 10 targets at each station. Teams of five paid a $400 entry fee for the chance to win shells. All of the proceeds go to Santa Clothes Club. The Santa Clothes Club, founded in 1946, works to provide warm winter clothes for disadvantaged children in the Tri-State, according to the organization's website.

Jewell said that they're happy to provide their range for a charity event like this, and he'd be willing to do more if the opportunity came about.

"Anytime someone is trying to help an

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organization like this, it can't be a bad thing," said Jewell. "This is just our small part of contributing to them being able to raise some money for that organization."

Rich Greenwell, who worked for Sterling and plays a major role in the event, says attendance was down this year.

"It used to be big," said Greenwell. "It's not anymore. We'd have 80 to 90 shooters, we just don't get it anymore."

Greenwell said that 12 teams signed up for Friday's shoot, which is typically the more popular day of the event's two day schedule.

Despite the lower attendance compared to previous years, thousands of dollars were donated to the charity, and a good time was had by participants. Jewell says they try to tailor the range to ensure participants have a good time.

"Our club is not normally the type of club you'd bring people like that because they want to break targets," said Jewell. "We ease everything up for these events os that everyone gets to have a good time."

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