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Farley’s to reopen Tuesday. The state gave restaurants the go-ahead to begin reopening dine-in services with specific guidelines laid out in its “Healthy at Work” initiative.

Gov. Andy Beshear gave the go-ahead for Kentucky restaurants to begin reopening tomorrow, Friday, May 22 with some restrictions still in place to ensure health and safety of staff and customers.

While restaurants are now allowed to restart dine-in services, there are several guidelines the state requires to maintain social distancing measure and combat the spread of COVID-19. Restaurants reopening must operate at 33% of normal capacity for dine-in services and ensure seated tables have at least six feet of distance between them.

Restaurants are also limited to parties of 10 or fewer and are instructed to not permit guests from different households to sit at the same table.

The Healthy at Work state initiative also suggests restaurants maximize use of outdoor seating and limit customer movement throughout the establishment.

Calhoun restaurant Farley’s owner Carol Robertson said she plans to reopen the restaurant Tuesday, May 26. Farley’s began doing carryout and curbside services but closed on April 13, just before its third year anniversary.

“We did do some carry-out, but I think we have too many restaurants to really make it efficient for everyone … we decided rather than take a chance of anyone getting the virus, we would just close ours for now,” Robertson said.

She said her staff has been furloughed during the restaurant’s closure, but it will be operating with a full staff once it reopens on Tuesday.

In the meantime, Robertson said she has been doing “some deep Spring Cleaning.” She said everything is being washed and sanitized and there is hand sanitizer available throughout the establishment.

With the 33% capacity requirement, Robertson said she will be able to seat around 16 people at once inside the restaurant, which usually holds around 48 people in its three dining rooms. She said, however, there is available outdoor seating for guests.

“We do have outdoor dining and we are trying to spruce that area up to make it more appealing for guests.”

Christie Netherton, cnetherton@mcleannews.com, 270-691-7360

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