July 11

Good morning this second week of July, hoping you had a great and safe 4th of July celebration of Independence Day. Kenneth and I enjoyed a great BBQ meal at Youlanda and Jimmy Campbell's. After that, we drove to Franklin, Tennessee, and spent a few days at our daughter's and a great time there. On Friday, Kenneth cooked catfish, chicken tenders, hushpuppies, and fries for her family and friends. It was a great meal and we enjoyed all the grand and great-grandchildren.

It's always fun to get together and enjoy good food. Hope your weekend was a good one, also.

Today is back to work and trying to stay cool. With all the rain -- something we don't want -- it seems like we're just "watching grass grow." I really want to do my mowing on Fridays but can't seem to wait that long. I've been mowing on Wednesdays and it seems this week will be the same. Oh well, some things you just got to do.

I checked my few tomato plants and should be a few days for red ones. I'm sure you may have already got them and I know how delicious they are. I brought several from my daughter's and they are good and we had a great BLT yesterday afternoon.

Once again a sad time for Sacramento, the loss of a great man, Roy Brown. Our thoughts and prayers go out to this family. I got to know Roy through the Sacramento Lion's Club and to know he was a great person and did a lot for the Lion's Club and for the community. So sorry and thinking of his family at this sad time.

Kenneth and I were sad to miss services at Sacramento Baptist Church on Sunday but were able to watch it on Facebook, a great way to not miss it. I will catch up on the monthly events in next week's article. Remember the backpack giveaway at the block party for this month.

Glad to have Tiffany Stringer back from vacation at City Hall. Everyone missed you and is hoping you had a great and relaxing away from the work place. Welcome back.

I hope this humidity will soon leave us -- it's like melting when you go outside. The gardens and crops do need a break from the rain and heat -- never satisfied, that's the human way.

Happy birthday to these and the people I may have missed last week -- Coleman Stroud, Edna Slinker, Drew Huff, Tommy Burrough, Lorena Davis, Andy Bates, Emily Burrough, Sharon Pickett, Matt Baggett, Jimmy Igleheart, Charlie Gatton, Doug Stewart, Ann Igleheart, Monna Hayes, Autumn Rickard, Thomas Hall, Brett Burton and all others celebrating this week. I hope you had a great one.

Happy anniversary to Ronnie & Kitty Burden. Congratulations and hope you both be blessed with many more years together.

Continue to pray for those you know and all the unspoken. Prayers for the Roy Brown family, James Jones, Jr., Myrtle Parm, Edna Slinker, Donna Corbitt, Martha Tucker, George Blackburn, Jimmy Blackburn, Ann Igleheart, Amy Bell, Kitty Burden, Melvin Cabbage, Dean Miller, Maxine Woodburn, those in nursing homes, hospitals, our military men and women, the country, county and cities, and always pray for each other.

I hope you have a great week and I will try to catch up on what I may have missed this week. Remember the Farmers Market at the Battle Pavilion every Monday, and the Kids summer feed at CP Church from 11:30 a.m. to 12:15 p.m. Monday thru Friday, and the city building (old fire department) from noon to 1 p.m. Monday through Friday. Get the children, up to 18 years of age, at either place for a good meal each day, and thanks to those that make this available. Have a great week, God Bless!

July 18

Hello, and to all my readers, I am sorry my article has not been in the McLean County several times recently, there has been some issues going on with the paper but they should be straightened out and the Sacramento News should be printed each week. This is of no one's fault, and I apologize for this. I'm sure I have missed some birthdays and maybe some anniversaries but I will try to catch up on those this week.

I hope you have had a great week and staying out of the heat as much as possible, it is a hard thing to do if your work is outside or in a place not air-conditioned. This heat has been bad, and hard on all of us. I mowed last week late in the evening and early morning to try and avoid some of the heat and humidity. Today (Monday), with the clouds and cooler temperature brought to by Hurricane Barry, things will cool down for a while. Many thanks to my sister and brother-in-law, Youlanda and Jimmy Campbell for the corn. She froze 16 quarts and I did 14 quarts. She also froze 30 on the cob. All this will be good when the snow falls and time for vegetable soup sounds very good. I hope you're lucky to have a good garden this year.

Sacramento Cumberland Presbyterian church is having mid-week Bible Study every Wednesday at 10 a.m. And Men's Prayer Breakfast will be July 21 at 8 a.m. In the absence of Brother Kevin, the Sunday morning, July 14thspecial speaker was Brother Bill Gaines. A special thanks to the church for all the prayers, cards, calls, food and flowers during surgery and recovery. A special thanks to Bro. Kevin for doing such a great job on the bulletins and newsletter last month. Also, a special thanks to Glenn and Ann Ellis for all the special things they did to help out, love you, signed Bonnie.

Sacramento United Methodist Church emergency food bank will be open on Thursday July 25th from 10 a.m. to noon,. Donations of non-perishable food items will be accepted any time ... especially on communion Sundays. Evening worship begins again and are offering a chance for those folks who have attended Emmaus or Chrysalis, or who are interested in attending one, to gather together on the third Thursday of each month for a time of gathering and worship. There will be worship, a lay witness, communion and a time of reflection.

Sacramento Baptist Church will be having a Back to School Block Party at 2 p.m. on Sunday, July 21st. There will be hot dogs, cotton candy, popcorn, inflatables, games, snow cones and free backpacks. This past Sunday was a treat and blessing to hear from the mission trip of Chloe Melloy, the youth group and leaders group, and Barry Ellis on their trips and work they have done. The testimonials were great and enjoyed by all. And also a report on the Camp Trip and what they learned.

The Bridge Club at Blue Jay Café met and played last Friday, and the results of that game were: 1st Place -- Elaine Revlett, 2nd Place -- Ruby Rickard. Congratulations to these and still sending prayers and thoughts to those that are not able to play at this time. Continued prayers for Bonnie Boyken, Evalyn Stobaugh and Joyce Stevens and others that usually play. I hope you all have a great week.

Kenneth (Pop) and I are very proud of Allison at this time. She finished another boot camp at Fort Knox with a graduation on Sunday. She said it was long but very rewarding, and she will wait to hear the unit she will be assigned to at a later date. She looks and sounds very good but glad to be back and to be able to sleep in her bed. Hopeful she will come to visit real soon.

Kenneth is continuing to be stronger and healing each day. He is helping out more and more doing some yard work, still a big NO on riding the mower. That is OK because I don't mind the mowing at all. We are so blessed he is doing as well as he is and know it is the power of prayer and many thanks to all of you.

Birthdays to shout out to are Rachel Traylor, Lily Burrough, Kyle Jo Woodburn, David Huff, Abigail Creager, Heather Moore, Caleigh Level, Johnny Vickers and all

see sacramento/page a10

others celebrating this week.

Happy Anniversary to Brain & Nichole Huff, and congratulations and prayers for many more.

Congratulation to all the winners of the McLean County Pageant winner's contestants, and a great Ag Fair. Seems everyone enjoyed all the events and animal entries. Great job McLean County and all that worked so hard to make this a success.

Continued prayers for Martha Tucker, Donna Corbit, George Blackburn, Jimmy Blackburn, Gwen Burden, Amy Bell, Clestus Ritchie Family, Guy Patterson, Myra Miller, Bobby Morris family, Ben Dunn, Kenneth Howard, James Jones, Jr., Troy Thomas, Ricky Davis, Eddie Hobgood, Anna Strole, Clare Sue Whitaker, Allie Rickard, Bill Jones, Patty Ford, Terry Kirkwood, Richie & Becky Smith, Penny Vickers, Jerry Browder, Dylan Pryor, Darren Woodburn, Bobby Woodburn, James McPherson, Jean Griffin, Sue Berry family, Jenny Reno, Shelby Austin, Miles Smith, Nathan Level, Jackson Cabbage, Jake Rickard, Tracey Barnett, Thurman Grundy, Tammy, Richie, and boys, Ricky Miller, Gay Ellis, Maxine & Mike Woodburn, Ronnie Dame, Allie Howard, Ruth Lucas, Dean Miller, all churches and Pastors, our country, county and cities, our Military Men and Women, and always for each other.

Have a great week and let me hear from you and be safe, God Bless!

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