Scholarship recipients are 'here for good'

Independence Bank scholarship winner Gabriel Whitmer, right, donates $200 in cash to Island Community Development Association members Doug Everly, left, and Tim Sheppard, center.

Independence Bank scholarship recipients were given a task to complete within 11 days at the 2020-21 scholarship program on April 29: Invest $100 into “doing good” in their respective communities.

“This is exactly the impact my father, Charles A. Reid, would have hoped for from the recipients of the scholarship program created in his honor,” said Chris Reid, chairman and CEO of Independence Bank. “I’m so proud that we could inspire the same young people that inspired us to go out and do more for the communities that helped shape them.”

Every McLean County scholarship recipient completed the “Here for Good” challenge. The acts of service completed by the students include purchasing flowers for a former teacher who recently lost a child, donating to a local cancer fundraiser, delivering popsicles to a local elementary school, donating to church and one student, Gabriel Whitmer, matched the $100 with their own money to give back to the Island Community Development Association.

“While driving past the Island BallPark, Gabriel saw kids out playing baseball on the ballfield and it reminded him of his time playing ball on that very same field,” said Island resident Vicki Ventura. “He decided to donate the money to the ICDA to help in getting the ball field back in shape. In addition, he added another $100 to the original amount, for a total of $200 cash to Doug Everly and Tim Sheppard, both of the ICDA, who were honored to accept it.”

McLean County Independence Bank President Chad Hall said impressed is an understatement.

“These students have gone above and beyond,” Hall said. “They are modeling how to care for your neighbors and community, it makes me proud to call McLean County home.”

Every bank employee was given the opportunity to review some of the “most meaningful” submissions and voted for one student to receive an additional “Here for Good” scholarship, according to the bank. The winner of the additional scholarship was Andrew Dunn from Louisville.

“Our bank has made a promise to the places that we call home that, not only are we committed to being a long-standing member of the community, but we will take care of those around us,” said Independence Bank President Jacob Reid. “It’s a deep part of our culture at the bank and we’re excited to bring those around us into the fold.”

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