The flowers are artificial, but the passion is real

Photo by Seth Dukes | McLean County News

Dee Crabb stands at the front of her store on Main Street in Sacramento on Tuesday. Crabb has owned the business since 2007, and while she knows all good things must come to an end, she's not ready to call it quits quite yet.

Dee Crabb has owned Dee's Flowers, located at 275 Main Street in Sacramento, since 2007. While she knows she can't do it forever, she's not ready to call it quits right away.

Crabb says she always made wreaths and did other crafts, so when she was given a good price on the building, she decided to jump on the opportunity. Her sister, Barbara Caudill, helps her with making arrangements and various gifts sold in the shop.

All of her flowers are artificial, which she prefers. In addition to other holidays, her busiest time of year is Memorial Day. This year, she sold between 300 and 400 saddle arrangements for the holiday.

Crabb says that she believes the main reason for her success is because of her prices. She draws customers in from all over western Kentucky, and she also delivers locally.

"I'm making decent money the way it is, so I'm going to keep them as low as I can," said Crabb.

While she also offers refunds for those that aren't satisfied, she has never had a customer ask for one.

Crabb also delivered mail for 22 years, which until last June, she did in addition to her work for her business. A couple of years ago, she knew she would have to give something up, so she considered selling the business. She found a buyer, and on the evening before the closing, she called the buyer to tell them she couldn't sell the business.

"I called her back that evening and told her I changed my mind," said Crabb. "I just couldn't do it."

Crabb says she doesn't regret backing out of the deal, but she knows that she will eventually have to find a buyer.

"I thought about selling it because I don't know how much longer I'm going to be able to do it," said Crabb. "There's going to come a time where I can't do it anymore […] It will probably be further down the line."

For more information, call 270-977-3464.

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