A veterans monument was installed at Strather’s Chapel Cemetery on March 22 to honor Black veterans from Livermore.

Holly Kassinger Johnson, owner of the Livermore, Kentucky History Facebook page and local historian, partnered with her friend Eldon Eaton to raise money for the monument in 2020.

According to Johnson, they are in the process of landscaping and adding solar lighting around the monument. More names will be added to the back of the monument in the future.

“The military service of Livermore’s Black servicemen has not been documented because many of their descendants moved away,” Johnson said. “Additionally, the Crow Hill Cemetery, where many soldiers are buried, is not accessible to the public. The graves have not been photographed for the Find-a-Grave website.”

There are two Black Civil War soldiers buried in Livermore. Joshua Howard is buried at Strather’s Chapel and Octavius Patterson is buried at Crow Hill Cemetery.

Johnson said there is a stone at Oak Hill Cemetery for Colonel Oren Coin that has been down for a few years and they are collecting funds and have made provisions to have the stone reset.

Coin fought for federal marketing for Kentucky Highway 75 and president of the Highway 75 Association when the 26-year objective was won in July of 1953. The highway was later designated as U.S. 431.

He also served as chairman of the Livermore Chamber of Commerce Committee.

Coin died in 1953 and in May of 1956, the armory that was under construction was completed and dedicated to him. The building is now Livermore City Hall.

“I am so glad to see his stone finally being reset,” Johnson said.

Strather’s Chapel Cemetery is located at West 3rd Street in Livermore.

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