There were two red-winged blackbirds that visited my tray feeder last week. They might have been the ones who dropped by a few weeks ago. They came and went, and then dropped by again an hour later. They might have gone down to a neighbor’s to feast on the feed she has out.

I only use black-oil sunflowers, but I think she also uses cracked corn. Then they came back for a short while, and then left shortly before dark. They are so pretty, and are a native bird, which means they are not a pest like the ordinary blackbirds.

Since this is February, it means it’s the month to dig Sassafras tree roots for tea. I have not dug roots for several years and it doesn’t look like I will this year, either. The ground is so much wetter and muddier and much colder than it used to be.

“The road to Heaven is through your heart.” This was seen at a Baptist Church in Nashville.

Meteorological winter will end with the end of February, but the calendar winter still has about three weeks to go. Meteorologists use the end of the month because it is easier to calculate things such as the average temperatures with full months instead of a partial month. February and March are what they call “transition months,” in which we are transitioning from winter to spring, so anything could occur.

“Pray before you have a problem!”

I heard a loud raucous call over my head a few days ago when I was walking back from the mailbox. I looked to see if the Great Blue Heron was sitting in that huge tree down the hill from the pond, but I saw it flying overhead.

It flew toward my pond by the barn, and then flew in a large, high circle around the pond, and then it went around again! I watched to see if it would land but it made another circle and then flew toward the northeast. It might have been heading toward the creek, or Harold West’s large pond.

“Nothing you confess can make God love you less.” This was seen on a Baptist Church sign outside of Sparks, Nevada.

Several people have asked me if I am going to do another updated edition of the Sandefur book, “They Crossed the Green River,” that my mother and I did back in the ‘80s. It would be Edition Four, and yes I have started working on it. I have been updating and finding more dates and marriages and people since the 1980s. I have been doing research in the Owensboro Library’s Kentucky Room, and also plan to go to Henderson County Courthouse and Library this spring when the weather warms up a bit.

“Prayer. The original wireless connection!” This was seen at the Eastview Baptist Church in Houston, Texas.

We have just a few days before March begins. March is Red Cross Month. Donate to your local Red Cross.

“Wrinkled with problems? Come to the Lord’s House for a faith lift!”

Spring is almost here! My daffodils are blooming and the crocuses are almost open! Everybody knows what that means. Well, besides the trees and weeds blooming and allergies. The second Sunday in March, which is the 12th, will be when daylight saving time begins. Be sure and “spring forward” your clocks on Saturday night before you go to bed, so you won’t be late for church.

“You don’t have to be sorry for what you did not say!”

Brother Wally Renner invites everyone to join us this Sunday at 9:45 a.m. at the Poplar Grove Cumberland Presbyterian Church. It’s the white church on the hill with the three crosses beside it and the cemetery surrounding it. The brown building is the Primitive Baptist, and the other building is their lunchroom and our Poplar Grove Cemetery Board meeting place.

You can reach me at or leave a message or text at 270-875-5317.

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