I’ve seen three woolly worms, not at the same time, that were a cream color, crawling as fast as they could go across the highway.

I saw seven solid black woolly worms over a period of two or three weeks. Then I saw a black one with a lighter shade, almost a reddish tint, on the first segment at his head. I haven’t seen any this week, so maybe the cooler weather sent them running for cover.

The black ones are suppose to mean cold and snowy weather, while the lighter one means we will have warmer temps and not as much snow. But with both the black and the creamy worms crawling around, it’s probably anyone’s guess. But it’s fun to listen to all the old folklore and try and guess the forecast for winter.

“Choose the Bread of Life, or you are toast.” This was seen at the Grace Baptist Church in Nashville.

The Farmer’s Almanac says we will be getting a cold, wet, and snowy winter. It could tempt me to head to Florida for the winter. Of course, some friends of mine, one of them my former principal when I was teaching in Grayson County, moved to Florida and they ran into the hurricane.

They had gotten away from the beach before it hit, but now they have sand and black mold in their living room, bedrooms and kitchen.

“The life we lead is the lesson we teach.” This was seen on a Baptist Church in Earlington.

I’ve been spending the last few days at the Daviess County Public Library in the Kentucky Room doing some work on a couple of people’s genealogy papers for application to the Daughters of the American Revolution. You don’t have to live in Daviess County or have a library card to use the Kentucky Room. The Daughters have to prove generation by generation back to the Revolutionary War.

How do you do that?

You need your birth certificate, mom and dad’s marriage record and birth certificates, grandmother and granddad’s marriage, birth certificates or records. Sometimes census records or deeds help, especially if it says “to my son, Adam.”

That proves Adam is his son. Sometimes someone has a Bible record. You need a xerox copy of that along the title page and the page that shows when it was printed —page of the Bible, and so on.

Some times it can take years to find that elusive document that you need to prove a connection from child to parent. My cousin said that sometimes the document seems to hide from you and laugh as you walk by. Sometimes it does feel that way.

“Nuts. Never underestimate the Spirit” I saw this sign at the Sacramento Methodist Church.

Birds, like the hummers and Canadian geese, are believed to be able to see the magnetic pulses and waves in the sky. They follow them toward the south until they reach their winter habitat. I’ve been seeing flocks of geese heading south. There was one V-shaped flock that was heading north. They were headed either to the Green River or they saw someone’s large pond in the distance, like Harold West’s pond. They often stop there for a break and munchies.

We had a little frost over the weekend, but none of my flowers got zapped. They were covered with Crecent butterflies and some yellow Sulfurs. There was even a Pipevine butterfly flittering around. My Pipevine flowering vine kinda overgrew the flower bed and went up some trees the past year or two. It’s the host for the Pipevine caterpillar. It’s the only thing the caterpillar will eat. I had twisted my knee and didn’t work in the garden much so that vine took advantage of it.

Happy birthday wishes to Alice Marie Davis, who will be celebrating her birthday on Oct. 15 in Heaven with her family, and most important of all, with her Jesus. I remember her hugs and the many times I stayed the night with her daughter, Doris, a close friend of mine. Miz Alice Marie passed away in 2002 at the age of 80, but she is still remembered fondly in the church she loved so well.

Miz Alice Marie was one of the ladies who would turn around if “us kids” got talking or giggling too loud in the back corner pew of the church. She would give us “the eye”, which would quickly shut us up. My father was in a pew too far away, and my Mother had her mind on playing the piano.

But Miz Alice Marie, and a couple of the other ladies, never let us get away with anything. One lady even turned around once and swatted at us with her Sunday School book. But that was Dynis Davis’ fault, Doris’ younger brother. He was the one who got all of us giggling during a revival.

“They stand best who kneels most”. I saw this on the Rumsey United Methodist Church.

I was collecting seeds from my tall white flower called “Snow on the Mountain” that is always covered with butterflies and bees and bumble bees. I noticed something hanging from one of the flowers and looked at it closely. It was an open and empty butterfly pupae dangling down. It was not from a Monarch, but I wasn’t sure which other caterpillar had occupied it before it turned into a butterfly. It looked a lot like a Painted Lady’s pupae, and it was close to the Hollyhocks, which they like. I have a lot of host plants for many different butterflies.

“We have Open Hearts, Open Minds, and Open Doors.” This seen on a church in Nashville.

The doctors and researchers are finding that many older people, over the age of 65, who get Covid have a 50% higher risk of getting Alzheimer’s in a year. Researchers are trying to find out why, but they think it is because of the infection that reaches the brain. This is another reason to get your boosters and wear a mask for the new strain of Covid that is hitting us.

“Listening is the loudest form of kindness” This church sign was seen in Madisonville, but he didn’t get the name of the church.

Heaven is a pure place. Sin can not enter. You can not enter Heaven if you have sinned. That leaves only one place for you to go when you die. But everyone sins. We are only human. But you can say you are sorry for your sins, ask Him for forgiveness, and for Jesus to come into your heart and change you and to save your soul. Jesus will forgive you if you are sincere, and your name will be written on the Lamb’s Book of Life. Then you will be Heaven-bound.

“Noah’s faith in God built an ark when rain was unNoahable.” This was seen on a church sign in Montana by a college friend of mine.

Everyone is invited to Poplar Grove Cumberland Presbyterian Church. Services start at 9:45 a.m. You are welcome so just come as you are. It’s the white church on the hill with the three crosses beside it. Don’t they look good?

The two women who made them were inspired by their mother, who is now playing music in Heaven and the other ladies of the church who are singing along with her in that Heavenly choir. They all had wanted crosses beside the church. So now they are singing and playing and enjoying the crosses.

You can reach me at 270-875-5317 and leave a message or text, or email me at gwillistree@yahoo.com if you have any news.

You can reach me at 270-875-5317 and leave a message or text, or email me at gwillistree@yahoo.com if you have any news.

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