The average “last frost” is April 24. Just a couple of months to go. I hope it’s early this year.

We have about a month before the equinox.

The spring equinox will be at 4:25 p.m. Monday, March 20. That’s the beginning of spring.

Happy birthday to Patricia Rickard. She celebrated her birthday on Feb. 12.

Several people have asked about us having a Sacramento High School reunion this year or next, now that the COVID is almost over. We would like to know what the graduates of Sac think about this? Let me know by sending me a text or leaving a message.

The birds quickly emptied all the bird feeders and are sitting in the trees, just waiting for me to fill them up again. A lot of the birds are some of the most common and the prettiest birds, even though the name isn’t that pretty. It is the house finch. It is a songbird, like the other finches, and it loves to jump around from feeder to feeder and it just sings and chatters it’s little heart out, so it is a joy to have around.

It used to be a bird that was kept in cages back in the 1930s and ‘40s. then someone let some loose, or maybe they escaped somehow. So now they are pretty common. They like being around houses, which is where they got their name. The male has a reddish or raspberry colored cap on its head and a bright raspberry colored on the front of the head and the bib. It has brown streaks on its underparts. The female has a grayish-brown streaked back and belly.

Some of the other native sparrows have also been visiting the feeders. The song sparrow has brownish and grayish streaks, and the white-crowned sparrow has white streaks on its head. Others are the white-throated sparrow which has stripes of yellow on both sides of its head, and the American tree sparrow which has a rufous, or a reddish-brown cap. The goldfinch comes by often and they are a joy to listen to as they sing so prettily!

This Feb. 18 would have been my cousin Tommy Logsdon’s and the love of his life, Judy Chambers Logsdon’s 28th wedding anniversary. Miss you, Tommy.

Happy birthday wishes to my great-niece, Jasmine Fulkerson. She will be celebrating her birthday (I won’t tell her age!) on Feb. 21.

This sign was seen in Atlantic, Georgia, “Less Hate. More Pancakes!”

Happy birthday wishes to David Abrams, formerly of Poplar Grove but now living in Calhoun. He is celebrating his birthday on Feb. 16.

“Nobody is perfect, but a Jesus workout would help!” This was seen at a Church of Christ In Nashville.

Happy birthday wishes to Dara Lynn Ellis Howard! Her birthday is on Feb. 19.

A friend sent this to me, “An Ohio animal shelter will write your ex’s name in a litter box -. and let it’s adoptable cats go to town”. She saw it on CNN. It didn’t say if you had to pay a fee for it, but that’s funny!

Happy birthday wishes to Mary Helm Pendleton. She celebrated her birthday on Feb. 11. Love you, my friend.

“Christianity remains the world’s largest religion, consisting of nearly one-third of the global population. It is the only religion whose faith rests upon an empty grave.” This church sign was seen at the Antioch Church of Christ, south of Dallas, Texas.

During the cold months, it seems people eat a lot of hot instant noodles because they are fast and easy to fix. But unfortunately, they account for almost a third of childhood burn injuries, especially second and third-degree burns. Young children are particularly vulnerable.

“God sent His Son. He made the offer. We make the choice.”

When you’re in your teens and early twenties, it seems that time moves so slow! When you hit 25 or 30, it starts speeding up. When you hit 40, boy. Where did the time go?

Then you hit the big 5-0, and you wonder, am I really that old? Then 60 comes really fast, and 70 is super fast. And 80 is just behind it. Then you start wondering, am I ready for the end? Have I made plans at the funeral home and gotten my grave plot? And am I ready for what comes after?

Everyone is invited to church services next Sunday at 9:45 a.m. at the Poplar Grove Cumberland Presbyterian Church on the hill. It’s the white building with the three crosses beside it. “No perfect people allowed!”

You can reach me at or call or text me at 270-875-5317. Thanks to everyone who sends me the sayings on the church signs. People say they really notice the signs now.

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