Happy birthday wishes to Thad Willis! He will be celebrating his birthday on August 7.

I would like to know why the people in the country do not have any fire hydrants. I’m sure we are not as important as the people in the towns and cities, but it seems like we could have one close to the churches. Or maybe one in each community. We pay our taxes, but we have much higher insurance rates because there are no fire hydrants close by. They used to use the ponds around the area to get water to fill their tanks, but it takes so long to get to the ponds, fill up the tank, and then get to the burning structure. There is no wonder the insurance company asks how far is the building from a fire hydrant and the fire department. We can’t do much about the distance from the fire department, but why can’t there be some fire hydrants spread throughout the communities? We’ve got a bunch of farmers with equipment that could do the digging.

“Spoiler Alert!! Christ wins!” This was seen on the Sparks Baptist Church, in Sparks, Nevada.

National Sisters Day is August 7. Give your sister or sisters a hug. If they are not here, just blow them a kiss.

Happy birthday wishes to Paul J. Logsdon! He celebrated his birthday last Tuesday, August 2.

“Get off the fence and under the Cross. It’s much safer.” A lady saw this south of Nashville, but didn’t get the name of the church. She was trying to get all of the saying written down before she forgot it. I know what she means.

Today, August 4, in 1936, Jesse Owens won the second of four gold medals at the Summer Olympics in Berlin. He blew the Nazi Party and Hitler out of the water, as the saying goes.

“Oh, Now you want to talk to God?” This was seen on a United Methodist Church sign in Abilene, Kansas.

My nephew, Thad Willis, and his wife, Erin, and their two girls, Adalynn and Bella, has spent the last month in Colorado on vacation! They wanted to go before school started again. They have been spending a lot of time hiking and climbing in the mountains and around waterfalls, and “roughing it” in a very nice large motor home that had room for their dirt bikes in the back bedroom. Thad and his girls brought their dirt bikes, so they spent a lot of time dirt bike racing! Thad met a bunch of buddies there, and they raced with their dirt bikes. The girls didn’t race with the big guys, of course, because that can get tough sometimes.

Thad’s nieces, Jade and Julie Fulkerson, have been house sitting for Thad and Erin and taking care of the fur-babies and keeping the swimming pool ready for them to to use, and the heated tub and the super big streaming TV, plus emptying out the freezer and refrigerator! Didn’t want all that food to spoil.

“Get Rich quick! Count your blessings!” This was on an Assembly of God Church sign

in Nashville.

I have monarch caterpillars all over my milkweed plants, just nibbling away.

Happy anniversary to Thad and Erin Willis. Thad and Erin went to Sandals in Jamaica on Aug. 4, 2007, and got married. That was 15 years ago.

“When Gabriel Toots, We’re Gonna Scoot!” This was seen on a United Baptist Church sign.

Several people have called or texted me about not seeing certain birds at their feeders this summer that are usually there. That ice and sleet storm in the early spring that killed thousands of Bluebirds also killed a lot of other birds. Many birds died from lack of water because everything was covered with ice. That’s often a big reason birds die during the winter. It’s not so much lack of food, because there are lots of weeds with seeds they can eat, but it’s the water. The eye disease that caused red, crusty, runny eyes in finches in eastern Kentucky killed a lot of birds. I never saw any with the eye disease in our area, so hopefully we missed it. The Chickadees and the other birds should rebound in a couple of years. The Bluebirds will take much longer, I’m afraid. One guy in Mississippi said he had 18 bluebirds and six phoebes huddled for warmth in several of his bluebirds boxes, but all had died from the cold.

“Never tire of doing what is right!” — Rumsey United Methodist Church.

We had a surprise birthday party for Brother Wally Renner last Sunday at the Poplar Grove Church! As we sat and ate the goodies, he talked about his wife and family and about his military experience. We had a great time talking and listening to him.

To be saved by the grace of Jesus, you have to ask for His forgiveness and accept Him into your heart. When you accept Him, everything changes. Saved by the grace of Jesus means that you don’t deserve to be saved, none of us do! But He loves you, and because of that He will forgive you and wash all your sins away! That’s why someone wrote a song a long time ago called Amazing Grace! All the sins are washed away and everything changes.

Come join us and we would love to have you become one of our family! You are invited to the Poplar Grove Cumberland Presbyterian Church. That’s the white church on the hill beside the three crosses! Services start at 9:45 a.m. Everyone is welcome! You don’t have to dress up. We are all country folks and would love to have you join us. By the way, if you want to talk to God in Kentucky, it’s a local call.

You can reach me or text me at 270-875-5317 or at gwillistree@yahoo.com if you have any news or birthdays or see any unusual or funny church signs! The news is turned in by 4 p.m. Mondays. The people in the news office checks over the articles and sends them to the Owensboro office. Then it is printed, and is sent to the stores by late Wednesday. If you send me something on Tuesday, it will be going in the next week’s edition.

And no, to the ones who keep asking, I will not be writing the Museum News again! I always worked late there, and they will not let anyone work late now.

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