Last week the storms started up again, but the worse of it went north of us. The week before that, when all tornadoes hit Nashville and I was checking in on my great-niece, Jasmine Fulkerson, someone called me to check on us. Rev. Wally Renner, our Poplar Grove Cumberland Presbyterian preacher who lives in Owensboro, called to make sure we were okay, which we were. He then called everyone else in the church to check on them.

“Sleep in peace tonight. God is bigger than anything you will face tomorrow.”

The Capt. William Rowan Chapter of the DAR will be meeting at 1 p.m. Friday, April 28, in the large room at Farley’s Restaurant in Calhoun on Main Street (Highway 81). It’s across the side street from Musters.

Members are expected and visitors are welcome. If you think you want to become a member, we will be glad to help. It is an honor to have proven that an ancestor fought in the Revolutionary War against the British.

One woman had a cousin who had had proven her line to a soldier who fought. So all she had to do was to prove her relationship to the cousin through marriages, birth and death records, and so forth. One of my ancestor wasn’t able to fight but he gave supplies and horses to the troops. So he was a patriot and is one of the men I joined on.

“Sometimes we need to thank God for what didn’t happen.” This was seen on the Cromwell Baptist Church.

The storms and high winds can blow your flowers off the stones in the Poplar Grove Cemetery, or any cemetery! They can be tied down with fishing line wire or any wire you have and anchored with a large spike at the corners. If you don’t have a chance to do that, be sure and use a rain proof marker to write the name of the person whose grave it is on, on the back of the arrangement, so that we can replace the flowers when we find them blown off.

“The greatest thing that was ever found was not an egg. It was an empty tomb.”

The first hummingbird was spotted in Kentucky on April 2 on the western side of Kentucky Lake. By the weekend, hummingbirds had been seen in Louisville and then in Ohio and Missouri. These are the ones that will be spending the summer in Canada. Hopefully the ones that stay here will take another week or so to reach us, until more flowers are blooming for them. Those storms may have slowed them down. As of this writing, I hadn’t seen any but I put out a feeder, anyway.

“Because He lives, I can face tomorrow.” This was seen on the Mud Flats Baptist Church east of Nashville.

When you see a tree, it’s like looking at an iceberg. You only see about one third of it. Almost 70% of it is underground.

I always remember the date of April 17 because that was birthday of a forever friend, Peggy, and it was two weeks after mine. So I was older.

We spent many sleepovers at each other’s house while growing up and going to Sacramento High School. We also sat together every Sunday morning and night at church and every revival! We went to the altar and accepted Jesus as our Lord and Savior within two weeks of each other.

We got fussed at or someone turned around to give us a “look” when we got too loud or got the giggles on that back row at Poplar Grove Cumberland Presbyterian Church.

My father was in a pew where he couldn’t see us, and my mother was playing the piano and couldn’t heard us. But that didn’t matter. Any of the ladies would turn around and glare at us, or point a finger at us as a warning to quieten down, and there was a bunch of them.

One lady somehow was close enough to our back pew that she could swat at our legs if we got loud! She must have had ten foot long arms.

It didn’t matter if David or Billy made us giggle. It was their fault! But she would swat whoever she could reach. Those are fond memories now! So many of those people are gone! But Happy birthday in heaven, Peggy Huff Davis. You are singing and dancing in Heaven with your parents. I’ll see you when I get there.

“Nothing you confess can make God love you less!” This was seen on the Longview Methodist Church in Tennessee.

I had run out of sunflower seeds over the weekend and had forgotten to get some, so I put out some peanut flavored suet blocks for the birds to eat on.

Most of the other birds could feed from the cage I had the blocks in, but the cardinal is not made for clinging to the side of the cage. I watched for a while as a couple of male cardinals tried to cling to the side but they couldn’t and ended up sitting on the fence watching the other birds eat.

So I went out and placed a couple of blocks on the ground. A little while after I came back in, the cardinals had found them on the ground and were busy pecking at the peanut flavored blocks.

Happy belated birthday to Wendell Hugh Miller, who celebrated his birthday last Sunday, April 9. He was born and raised in Poplar Grove, in the house beside where I live now.

Everyone is invited to the Poplar Grove Cumberland Presbyterian Church for services this Sunday at 9:45 a.m. That’s the white church on the hill that has the three crosses beside it. Come as you are. Put on your T-shirt and blue jeans and come on. Everyone is welcome!

You can reach me at or leave a message or text at 270-875-5317.

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