The hummingbirds are here. Several people have seen them in their yards, both the males and the females. The females usually arrive a couple of weeks after the males, but they are here, too.

I have had a couple of hummers. Both are ones from previous years, because they flew to where I has the feeders last year. They hovered around the spot like they were wondering where is the food? So I hurried and put out another feeder.

Happy birthday wishes to Lana Sue Ross, formerly of Poplar Grove, who will be celebrating her birthday on May 9. Happy birthday, cousin.

I’ve been running over to the Daviess County Public Library’s Kentucky room to do research for a woman in Chicago and one in Texas. That’s the best genealogy library in the area. They are open until 9 p.m., so that helps. I usually work on genealogy for four or five hours a day, unless I go to the Kentucky Room. Then it’s usually all day. I volunteer to do the work, even though sometimes they pay for my gas.

“Look what He’s done! I’ve been set free! Every mistake He washed it clean!” This was seen on the Jupiter Tequesta Church of Christ outside of Houston.

There were celebrations all over the world last Saturday for Earth Day. I planted some trees, or rather replanted some trees last week. I had thrown out peach pits and peelings last year for the butterflies to feast on, and now there are little peach trees that needed to be moved. I moved some of them, but still have several to dig and replant. I also need to transplant some PawPaw trees, unless they have gotten too big over the winter.

“Too Cold and Windy to Change Sign! Sin Bad. Jesus Good. Details Inside!” This was seen on the Holy Trinity Pleasant Road Church.

The Captain William Rowan Chapter of the Daughters of the American Revolution met last Friday at Farley’s for our regular meeting. We were surprised by a guest who we welcomed to our group.Curtis Dame, the county judge-executive stopped by to say hello. Any man who has the nerve to sit down in a roomful of women and say, “How can I help you?” I take my hat off to! He ended up listening and making notes about several things that we brought to his attention.

One thing I really thought we needed was to have a sign placed at the new bridge at Calhoun with the correct name of the bridge. When the old bridge was exploded and the new one built in 2000, Frankfort said we could name it whatever we wanted. The highway was named the Veteran Boulevard, or something along that line. But the bridge was named the Fort Vienna Bridge, by the committee that had Junior McDole as the head of it.

An early name for Calhoun was Fort Vienna, which a fort, or tunnels dug back into the hillside close to the river and under where the water tower is now. There is a natural rock ceiling there so the Indians couldn’t dig down to the settlers from the top. The settlers stored supplies and hid there when the Indians attacked, back in the days of Daniel Boone. T

here is a large concrete marker with a fence, at the location of the previous fort on Highway 256. It is on the right going out of town, and on the other side of the bridge on First Street, before you get to the dam.

“Be Filled With God’s Word, Then Pour Out to Others!” This was seen at the Testament Baptist Church close to Smyrna Beach in Virginia.

The daffodils are faded but my blue wisterias are blooming and the scent fills the air! I have a 20 year old white wisteria that is below the hill, and it is also in bloom. It covered a couple of Rose of Sharon trees years ago, and then it kept growing and covered a boxwood. Then it sent out branches and climbed up a couple of Tree of Heaven trees. That entire side of the yard is covered! It smells so heavenly.

“Sign Lady Gone. Come Inside for Messages!” Green Valley Evangelical Church.

If you can hear thunder, the lightning is close enough to hit you.

This is the time of year for thunder storms, and with the thunder comes deadly lightning. More people die from lighting strikes than from tornadoes and hurricanes.

I think most people have seen the video from several years ago, of a high school soccer game in England. The students were wearing green and white uniforms.

They heard thunder away in the distance, and it had been raining so the ground was wet, but they continued to play. The sky wasn’t dark and you could see sunny skies on the side of the video. Suddenly lightning hit the ground to the side of the playing field, out of sight of the camera. One camera had recorded it and they showed it later. The entire group of players just dropped like puppets.

Most of them had burns, but by a miracle none were dead, thanks to God and to the quick actions of the coaches and other people who were there. The weather channel warns people that if you can hear thunder, the lighting is close enough to hit you. This soccer team learned it the hard way.

Thanks to everyone who sends me church signs.

Everyone is invited to the Poplar Grove Cumberland Presbyterian Church this Sunday at 9:45 a.m. Even if you think you don’t belong in a church, Jesus can change your mind. You are welcome here.

You can reach me at or leave a message or text at 270-875-5317.

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