The following were recorded between Dec. 8 to Dec. 11, 2020:

• 2 tracts in McLean County, Ricky Lee Reynolds; James Lee Reynolds; Debra Ann and Ricky Gilette; Mark Allen and Deborah Reynolds; Robert Keith and Kathy Allen; Eugenia Lea and Marvin Cotton; and Deborah Ann Spencer to Matthew Curtis Heppler, $759,500.

• One lot and a 1993 Town & Country mobile home on Main Street in Island, Pamela G. Hughes to Noel J. and Vicki A. Hughes, $18,000.

• 27.906 acres on Richard Church Lane in Calhoun, Martha Atherton and Melvin E. Thomasson; Ruby Fulkerson; Ruby C. Whitaker; and Randel and Victoria Atherton to Nicholas B. and Natalie B. Logsdon, $230,24.50.

• One lot on 3rd and Main streets in Livermore, Phyllis W. Dobbs to Ralph W. and Diane Thacker, $7,000.

• 2 parcels of land and a 1995 Cavalier manufactured home in Sacramento, Davin Kyle and Jessica Brianna Stroud to Justin D. Rust, $50,000.

• 0.93 acres near Rumsey-Island Road, Janice Leslie; Carter James Simpson; and Jacob and Rebecca Elizabeth Hodskins Grant to Russel D. and Melissa L. Brown, $24,000.

• 12.95 acres near KY 250, Mona Sue and Jordan Winders to Lucas and Katherine Hardison, $240,000.

• 10.851 acres in McLean County, Ryan Michael Settle, Rhonda Sue Mandrell and Joyce M. Settle to Ryan L. Settle, $160,000.

• 8.037 acres near Mystery House Lane in Calhoun, Bradley M. and Misty M. Baird to Christopher Jacob Baird, $65,000.

• One lot on the south side of Third Street in Livermore, Edward and Breda Geary and Charles M. and Twana Cobb to David W. and Pauline Conrad, $12,000.

• One lot on 3815 HWY 1080 in Livermore, Jason Brent Sweeney and David Eugene Howard to William H. and Gennie Gail Young, $33,687.97.

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