The following were recorded between May 5 — July 13, 2020:

930 J.W. Bailey Road, William and Lindsay Searcy to Allyson and Zachary Wagner, $165,000

11622 KY-136 East, JPMorgan Chase Bank National Association to Joseph and Jessica Fleischmann, $68,500

4490 KY-1155, Ronnie and Keila Fulkerson to Betty Curry, $285,000

4475 U.S. 140 West, Ryan and Susan Settle, Rhonda and Leo Clem, Robert Settle, and Rebecca and Michael Bean to Jimmy and Kathy Simpson, $235,469

332 Nick Ashton Road, Joshua and Andrea Searcy to William and Lindsay Searcy, $215,000

545 Daniel Street, Makayla and Garrett Smith to Tori and Dakota Holland, $87,500

490 West 4th Street, Ava Johnson and Susan Jones to Jacob Aud, $71,070

2115 U.S. 250, Willie and Eula Johnson, Houston and Jenny Clark, and Jason and Kristy Johnson to John and Barbara Howard, $640,000

1040 West School Road, Ronnie and Kennethia Cartwright to Davin and Jessica Stroud, $165,000

1501 U.S. 1080, Harold and Sandra Griffin to Justin and Kayla Ferguson, $170,000

101 Kalista Drive, Bryan and Jessica Austin to Virginia Zimlich, $225,000

708 Morton Avenue, Christopher Williams to Kenneth and Sandra Hinton, $35,000

78 Pond Drain Spur, A&B Investments LLC to Keila and Ronnie Fulkerson, $89,300

434 Craig Road, William and Torey Logsdon to Andrea and Edward Howell, $348,000

821 Morton Avenue, Sheila Jones to Alan and Angelia Butler, $40,000

225 West 7th Street, U.S. Bank National Association to John and Tara Renfro, $29,501

238 KY-136 West, Thomas and Gracie Worthington to Eddie and Ashley Martin, $89,500

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