The following were recorded between July 13 and July 19.

0.995 acres on Dillahay Dame County Road 1984 in Concord, Kevin E. and Krystal R. Schindler to Richard S. Smith Sr., Richard S. Smith Sr. Living Trust, Rebecca Smith and Rebecca Smith Living Trust, $50,000.

1.51 acres, Sheila Haire, Ernest and Judy Cardwell, James and Sarah Cardwell and Virginia and Wilmer Rodriguez Morales to Green River Property Holdings LLC, $35,000.

Two parcels on 856 West Third Street in Sacramento, Beverly B. and Thomas Whitfield, Danny K. and Martha Hill, John W. III and Sherry Hill and Jill L. and Richard Smith to Timothy E. and Kelly Denise Glass, $30.000.

Two tracts on Main Street in Beech Grove, Clayton H. Jr. and Stacey B. Smith to Laurie’s Souper Savor LLC, $245,000.

2.94 acres on Highway 81, Ashley Mekell and Spyridon Nousiadis and Shelby Jean Austin to Tara and Kenneth Rickard, $135,000.

48.035 acres, Dale Ann Dent, Amy Dent Glahn and William Dale Dent Trust to David Brent Gross, $25,000.

0.63 acres on 3702 Highway 593 in Calhoun, THM Properties LLC to Shawn Helton and Jennifer Rennie, $87,500.

12.170 acres on 3101 Highway 798 in Calhoun, Warren Pinkston and Charity Pinkston to Robert J. and Kristine D. Smith, $492.500.

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