The following real estate transfers were collected between March 17 to April 13, 2020.

One lot near Buck Creek Church Rd. in Calhoun, Roger and Sharon Brown to Houston and Jenny Clark, $10.

One lot on Roland St. in Calhoun, Donna Blakley to Charles Blakley, a grant.

Two parcels on Briarfield Schoolhouse Rd. in Livermore, Dale and Robin Chandler to James Murray, $470,000

One tract off of KY-56, Jerry and Billy Lee to D&M Metals LLC, $12,500.

Two parcels near Hatfield-Stevens Rd. in Calhoun, Jeremy and Lynnsie Fulkerson to Dorothy McDaniel, Jeremy and Lynnsie Fulkerson, a grant.

Two parcels near Island, Rodney and Patricia Howard to Hannahs Creek Farms LLC and Rodney Howard, $1.

2.32 acres near KY-56 and KY-1233 in Calhoun, Nathan and Amanda Ward to Mike Hayden, $13,860.

7410 KY-136 in Calhoun, Sherry and Franklin Johnson, Commonwealth of Kentucky, J.R. Ross, W.E. Quisenberry, 21st Mortgage Corp. and McLean County to 21st Mortgage Corp., $55,000.

Two tracts off of Ivan Brown Rd. in Island, Jewell Boyken to Murray Boyken, a grant.

A lot, Kathyanne and David Ellsworth to Samuel Ellsworth, $1.

36.48 acres off of Jim Harris Rd. in Calhoun, Darron Brawner, Gregory and Melissa Wilson to Gregory Wilson, a grant.

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