Voting for the McClean County High School 50th anniversary teams for fall sports has been released.

Some of the results were so tight, organizers decided to expand the number of team members.

The football and cheer teams will be honored at the Oct. 1 football game against Allen County-Scottsville. The soccer, volleyball and golf teams will be honored at the Oct. 22 football game against Owensboro Catholic.


Morgan Scott

Emily Burden

Kirstin Ayer

Leslie Howell

Maddie Crumbaker

Jessie Humphrey

Myla Scott

Sarah King

Chloe Dempsey

Amber Thomas

Rachel Neal

Lauren Hall

Makayla Heflin

Jade Fulkerson

Brooke Hall

Juanita Johnson


Tony Howell

Ricky Humphrey


Emily Burden

Bethany Hatfield

Chelsea Atherton

Allie Cheatham

Edie Cook

Katie Stein

Stephanie Thacker

Katie Cessna

Alexis Schindler

Laryssa Bolton

Courtney Ayer

Sara Shocklee

Allison Tucker


Kelly Coursey

Chris Stein

Cheer Teams

2017-2018 Cheer Squad

Coach Jaclyn Owens

1996-1997 Cheer Squad

Coach Jennifer Crume



Derek Miller

Miles Puckett

Trevor Turley

Derek Dickerson

Mark Melloy

Running Back

Henry Bowling

Spencer Phillips

Peyton Caraway


Jacob Miller

Dan Taylor

Wide receiver

Marc Searcy

Todd Chambers

Raymond Humphrey

Dakota West

Tight End

Tres Settle

AJ Henderson

Offensive Line

Nathan Sutherlin

Scott Caraway

Will Muster

Michael Burden

Jarrod Christian

Nathan Wells

Brad Whitaker

Dalton Eubanks

Colby Wilson

Alex Edds

Defensive Line

Jacob Rickard

Kevin Schindler

Nathan Wells

Brad Whitaker

Colby Wilson

Michael Burden

Jarrod Christian

Nicolas De La Cruz

Jeremy Reynolds

Elijah Knight

Griffin Whitmer


Andrew Munster

Dan Taylor

Scott Woodburn

Jason Schindler

Troy Woodburn

Kent Burden

Lonnie McElwain

Barry Ellis

Rickie Snodgrass

Defensive Backs

Henry Bowling

Marc Searcy

Doolie Sartain

Noah Baldwin

Justin Cook

Matt Melloy

Jimmy Rice

Frank Cox

Nick Tanner


Mike Dickerson

Kirstin Ayer


Miles Puckett

Thomas Cessna


Zach Wagner

Bill Scott

Royce Hood

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