Here’s hoping all of you have had a great last week.

We are feeling fall is in the air. All the mums and fall decorations are looking good in our city. It is great season and one of my favorites, but this northern air is tough on this old woman’s bones. The sunshine feels good but as you venture out its warmth, the cold gets the body.

Hope all the kiddos enjoyed the firefighters and the rescue men and women that gave of their time to share all the works of the trade with the MG Elementary Sacramento School students. It was a beautiful day and a great turnout.

Sacramento and the McLean County has a great group of voluntary firefighters and EMS. Our hats off to all of you. Thanks for giving your time to keep our kiddos informed of the ins and outs of this great group of men and women.

I hope you enjoy this news article and help me with news and events to share with our readers. I forgot how much I missed sharing this with all of you. There are always things going on in our community worth letting you all know about. The prayer list and birthdays/anniversaries are a great remembrance of all.

Our thoughts and prayers once again out to the Jeff Helm family and proud of the turnout on Saturday for the celebration of his life. We know he will be greatly missed by all his family and friends.

Happy to announce the safe travels for Judy Worthington and Sisters as they spent the past week in Tybee Island and Savannah Georgia. Glad they had a great time and returned home safely.

This week are doing more test for Kenneth at the heart and vascular doctors to continue the hunt for the reason of the increase in blood pressure. Keep him in your prayers.

The Muhlenberg-McLean County Scottish Rite Club will be having a Fish Fry at 5 p.m. Oct. 21. Location is the Sacramento Masonic Lodge, 285 Main St. in Sacramento. $15 per plate, eat in or carry out.

Kenneth and I spent Saturday afternoon visiting with my sister and brother-in-law, Youlanda and Jimmy Campbell and their precious great-granddaughter, Blakley. All our grands and great-grands are growing and live in other cities and states, so I really enjoy spending time with her sweet one.

On Sunday evening we spent time with our son, Eddie and Roxanne for some good chicken and sausage gumbo. Yes, it was very good and enjoyed our time together.

Great service at Sacramento Baptist and glad to have Brother Wendell and Ms. Becky back from a weekend trip to visit family. The church goal for the Eliza Broadus Mission Kentucky offering was $500 and the total was $545 — way to go church.

There is a list for the Christmas Shoe Boxes for the children is available and the total is 10 girls and 10 boy’s boxes to be sent to other countries to spread his word and share with them.

The Trunk or Treat for our community will be celebrated from 5-6:30 p.m. Oct. 31. Help out at your church and celebrate for the children.

Birthdays I have to date, Kitty Ruth Howard, Brian Miller, Les Riley, Dana Brantley, Ann Ellis, Glenn Ellis, Charlie Roy Miller, Brook Hall, Jake Carter, Garrett Dossett, Bob Worthington, Edna Bates, Troy Woodburn, Amy Bell, and any I may have missed. I am trying to catch up on birthdays and with your help I can make this happen. Happy birthday to all of you.

Also, the same goes for anniversaries, Paul & Marlene Willyard, Travis & Courtney Walker, Rick & Kay Creager, Donald & Joyce Tanner, Bubby & Denise Level. Happy your special day and many more.

Remember all those on the prayer list and those unspoken request. Prayer for the Helm family, Monzel & Edna Slinker, Kenneth Howard, Charlie Strole and Anna Lou, Lewis Johnson, Bruce Jones, Mack Scott, Freda Stringer, all those on the prayer list at your church, all the Pastors and families, all the victims of disasters, our country, county, and cities and always for each other.

Please contact me to share your special day or event.

God Bless!

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