Good morning all, hope everyone is having a great beginning of the second week of November. I think my next question is, can we not wait for Thanksgiving and enjoy this special time and give thanks for all the blessing we all are giving and then move on to Christmas and praise the birth of our Christ? I know I may have gotten myself in trouble, and yes I love to decorate for my favorite season, but let us give thanks and enjoy before we go all out for the next happy event. I know this is a little unfair, because I have asked the City employees to schedule having the Christmas lights up in our city, but in my defense, we must get on the list with the people that hang the lights. Please forgive me for the ramble, but we went from Halloween to Christmas, as every year, but let’s celebrate the Day of Thanksgiving. Sorry, I do understand!

Once again Sacramento has lost another wonderful man in our community. Mr. Melvin Cabbage passed away on Saturday, Nov. 6. Melvin was a man of few words, but you knew he was listening to you and was always smiling. Our city is losing the foundation of our community. Condolences to Katherine and all the family. We send thoughts and prayers to each of you.

Kenneth and I didn’t attend our Sacramento Baptist Church this past Sunday. We are planning a trip to see his mother for her 101st birthday, and we are being very cautious of the virus and contacts with people. Our booster shot was on Nov. 9, and we are hoping to be protected as we visit with her. She is an amazing lady and has already gotten her booster and said “just like any shot” here’s hoping we can say the same. For those who have not received the vaccines and the booster, do it for yourself and your loved ones. For those who did attend, follow the announcements in the bulletin, and we will catch up as soon as we return.

Sacramento United Methodist Church will have the Christmas Play Practice every Tuesday from 3:30-5 p.m., with snacks provided. I know this is a week behind but this is moving forward.

We were happy to have our son, Eddie, and Roxane Payne for dinner on Saturday, it has been a while since they had come by. I made a special dinner for them, roast, carrots, potatoes, mashed potatoes, roast gravy, pea salad, green beans, cornbread muffins and peach cobbler. We all enjoyed it so much and followed with a nap. Surprise!

Congratulations to Eddie and Renee Howell on the purchase of Gray’s Café, formerly Blue Jay Café. We wish you all the success possible and welcome to Sacramento. This is now called NANA’s Kountry Kitchen. Check them out and spread the word.

Blooms ETC will host an open house at 11 a.m. Nov. 13. This is at 275 Main St., Sacramento.

Sacramento Fire Department and McLean County Sheriff’s Office will host an open house and Toys for Kids Drive on Nov. 20. This will be only for new toys still in the package to fill the sheriff’s vehicles and fire trucks. All donations accepted.

The Sacramento City Commission meeting has been changed to 4:30 p.m. Nov. 22 due to the conflict of a quorum. Please make note and join us then.

Happy birthday goes out to Sandra Hampton, Joyce Tanner, Alisa Mendyk, Charity Payton, Amy Woosley, Gaye Glaysbrook, Barry Ellis, Scott Woodburn, Naomi Chilcutt, Wayne Riley and all celebrating this week.

Happy anniversary goes out to Joey and Vicky Johnson and Brett and Laura Burton. Congratulations to these and others celebrating.

Continue prayers for all those on the prayer list at your church and all others we know. Pray for the Melvin Cabbage Family, the Bob Wells family, James Jones, Jr, Myrtle Parm, Jackie and Martha Tucker, Karen McLean, Methodist Children’s Home, Kitty Burden, Charlie Hinsley, Joann Emery, Sharon McLaughlin, Kaye and Todd Devine, Jay Farris, Tootsie Turley, Kim Howard, Shirley Roberts, Guy Patterson, Dusty Nicholle, Stacy Smith, Kaitlyn Piper, Helen Willis, Mary Edith Johnson, Mariah King, Madison McLean, Mary Ann Lee, Donna Coakley, Maxine and Mike Woodburn, Rick Woosley, Youlanda Campbell, June Davis, Elizabeth Davis, all our churches and pastors and all those unspoken.

I hope you all have a great week and a date to remember, The Sacramento Lion’s Club Christmas Parade will be at 10 a.m. Dec 4. Looking so forward to this.

God bless and stay safe.

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